Who would win? Picard or Vader? Enterprise or Star Destroyer??

June 12, 2006

What would happen if the Enterprise under the command of Captain Picard came into a star system controlled by the imperial empire of a galaxy far far away….Here is a seven minute video of what might happpen should the universes cross paths.

Well..lets see. First there would have to be time travel as h is the future the 24th century and Star Wars is set in the past! Next of course you will have to note that the Star Trek clips jump back and forth throughout the seven year run of Star Trek for a trained eye like mine this can be irritating.The fun factor? HUGE In truth I was loving every moment of the video, only worried that the deathstar might be considered more than a match for poor enterprise!

Check it out and make sure you leave a comment! -Sebastian (The Ex-Star Trek Fan)


5 Responses to “Who would win? Picard or Vader? Enterprise or Star Destroyer??”

  1. olorinsledge Says:

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that Vader would wipe the floor with Picards shiny chrome dome. This would be followed up by a nice blast from the Death Star resulting in more space junk to be added to the galatic empires local rubbish dump.

    Star Wars wins in 5 second. Game, set and match.

    PS. I haven’t watch the video yet, will watch it later!

  2. tektrekgamer Says:

    Hey Dude! Well there is absolutley no question in my mind the Enterprise would find some weakness in the defenses of the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer 🙂 I think I am a little biased! One think you will have to see if how much the Enterprise outclasses the defenses of the Star Destroyer and they know that they can’t take what the Death Star is going to throw at it, which is why they hightail it. Thats just my opinion 🙂

  3. iggy Says:

    enterprise would win no doubt

  4. iggy Says:

    the enterprise would use their photon topedos front phasers. then they would seperate the saucer section and the two parts of the enterprise combined is going to beat tyhe death star.(like it had a chance in the first place) STAR TREK

  5. It’s great how these old posts never die! The Enterprise would kick that Death Star’s ass! Thanks for the comment Iggy! -Sebastian

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