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Returning Home to the Bay Area

November 14, 2007

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Those of you who have been reading since it was created and then again some of you who have just come across it recently, might know that I was born in America and California was my home until late 2003 when I crossed the big wet thing to live in England with my Mom. Since then, I have done college here, got media qualifications, became a published author and started my biggest project yet.

Now it’s time to go home.

I will be returning to live in the Bay Area and for a short time, while I sort things out I am going to live with my Dad near Santa Cruz. As you can imagine this is a massive change, yet again but while I was on vacation last month in America I realized I should be home.

Moving back to America of course means leaving certain things and people behind but I am looking forward to building my life there and accomplishing all the things I have set out to do. I’m looking forward to looking some “old” friends up and attending those terrifying High School Reunions.

If you are wondering how this might effect the production of Star Trek: The Continuing Mission then you should know that it hasn’t and shouldn’t affect it much at all. Andy Tyrer and I will continue to work closely to bring the latest chapter in audio drama to the Internet.

Thanks for your readership over the last two years and I hope that you stay with the site as I move into another phase of my life and I’ll see you on the other side of the pond.


I’ll be at the Star Trek: Experience if you need me!

October 6, 2007

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Star Trek: The Continuing Mission production is on schedule as we wrap up production for the pilot episode “Ghost Ship” which is set to premeire on December 25 2007. Today we have made some major announcments about guest cast members and several additions to our official website. Check it out here!

Star Trek: The Experience: Yes, you read that correctly I will be visiting the Las Vegas, Hilton on the 16th and 17th of October. If you want to talk, walk up and say hello! If you wondering where to look I will be spending a good amount of time with Lawrence Montainge who just happens to be one of their guests of honor most weekends up until Christmas!

If I do have the pleasure of meeting any of you we will be sure to put up a special photo gallery of those who came to say hi!

See you at the EXPERIENCE!

CASTING CALL: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission

August 28, 2007


A few weeks ago a good friend and fellow Star Trek enthusiast, Andy Tyrer, asked me if I would be interested in working with him on a new audio Star Trek production. We discussed the project at length and many hours later had hammered out in generalities what we wanted.

I took on the role of co-executive producer and began working with Andy on the pilot episode, characters and what we wanted this show’s vision to be. We are now ready to cast our 8 characters, the command crew of the new Trieste class, USS Montana.

We are looking for adult voices. This show is being produced by people with audio and film production experience. The writing, which has so far been a collaboration or singular effort of Andy and myself is also the work of experienced and dedicated scribes. To top it all off we the producers have the Star Trek enthusiasts at our core fuelling the whole enterprise!


We are looking for 8 main cast members to fill the boots and voices of the crew of the USS Montana. Crew members include Captain Paul Edwards, Commander Darius Locke, Lt. Commander Thomas Plumber, Lt. Commander Jack Maguire, Doctor Kyle Wilson, Lt. Stephen Knight, The beautiful Lt. Numi Natusukov, and Helmsman Ensign William Palmer…

See for details about each crew member!

We are looking for guest stars for every show, so even if you are not interested in becoming a series regular or you read for a part and we don’t choose you chances are you will be asked to come back in a guest starring role!

Email us at

Be a part of the NEXT Star Trek series!

-Sebastian Prooth & Andy Tyrer