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After Hours on Stage 9 at Paramount in 1988. Star Trek TNG Interlopers!

February 3, 2007

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Riker and T’Jon in SymbiosisI was doing some late night YouTube watching and while on a simple search for “Star Trek Behind the Scenes” I came across this little set of videos. It seems that 2 rather unintelligent lifeforms broke into the Stage 9 set of Paramount Pictures after hours during the time of Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A Paramount worker must have decided to upload the videos to the Internet after nearly 20 years in storage!

Not only did these lack-wits break into the set and parade around like they owned the place they were caused set pieces to fall down and turned on all the lighted consoles that make the Star Trek computers look so futuristic. The problem with the whole enterprise, if you will forgive the bad alliteration, is while trying to film a “behind the scenes” look at the Star Trek set the guy who was in front of the camera most of the time had nothing much to say that was true or in any way worth hearing.

During their invasion of Stage 9 one of the men tried out a bio bed in the sickbay set. Laying on the bed after he had determined it was not going to hold him only made it funnier when the whole setup fell. The idiots did however manage to get lights working on the set and prove once and for all that some of the computer panels were in fact touch sensitive. Another hilarious bit in these 4 videos are the times when the main “character” puts on his glasses to see better. What a twerp! The guy defiantly has anger management issues as he seems to be constantly on the verge of yelling at his co-hort. Maybe they were just totally scared shitless as the set might have been about to open up again for early morning prep at any moment.

As a fan of Star Trek and a technical fan at that, I know what the warp core does etc so when this man who dressed himself in what appears to be a uniform like that of Commander Riker, tried to explain what he is standing infront of, be it the warp core or a window in the old “Conference / Crew Quarters” set used during the first season he just gets everything totally wrong, take my word for it. He did grab a LCARS panel and seemed to correctly identify it as the graphic used when Lt. Yar died.

His sidekick, unintelligent lifeform number 2, is completely unversed in the operation of the camera and has never even heard of a steady shot judging by the way the camera shakes for the entire set of 4 videos. Notable props and set pieces in these videos include: Transporter Room Console, Lt Cmdr Remmick (Dead) from the episode Conspiracy, a prop alien creature from Conspiracy, the Bio Bed used for really sick or dying people with the big swing arm, Cargo Bay type doors, and the best part of all, the Enterprise that is usually such a tidy place is a total dump!

According to the blurb on YouTube, when the idiots were chased from the stage they dropped their camera, this can be seen in the last few moments of Video 4. I am not sure what happened to these guys or if they were ever caught but there certainly is plenty of video evidence to prove their crime. Pitty they never had a chance to edit it! Even though a tour of the Star Trek sets is a trekkie’s wet dream, this particular tour was not one I would ever want to go on. I sure would like to know how they got in there in the first place!

The video above is the first in their series of 4. The following links start at video two and link you to the rest of the escapade. I am going to call my friend Dennis Madalone who was the stunt co-ordinator on TNG and ask him if he remembers this one! Thought Trekkies everywhere would get a kick out of this! Enjoy!



Call 911 If You Need Genuine Help, Not Psychiatric Help!

January 17, 2007

I was just talking with a couple friends of mine on Skype and the conversation lulled so where do we end up but looking at funny videos on YouTube. I sent them one that I count as a favourite and it involves a woman calling 911 and they actually offer to come over and shoot her daughter. The operator is saying it as a joke but it is obviously not in least bit funny whatever way you spin it.

I looked for a few more examples of 911 calls gone bad or funny and came across a few more examples. Not only do people misuse the emergency phone number that is there for people to call when there is a genuine emergency. 911 has the same function as the UK’s 999 allows the citizen to contact the emergency services from any phone that has a dialtone, regardless of the cost. I would call these people who are using it as a number to complain about their order in Burger King or other trivial endevour hardly worth the time it takes to speak the words.

The video above is the worst of any of these examples. The police are called via 911 and the idiotic woman caller tells the dispatcher that she was attracted to a police officer who had just been out to her house and wanted to know if the dispatcher could relay her phone number to him! You have to hear it to believe it.

My message to everyone and anyone who is tempted to call the emergency services, unless it’s obviously very serious like your mother is lying on the floor in writhing pain, think twice before phoning the emergency services…they are there to offer emergency help, it’s not there as a free dating service or burger patrol, be smart!

A Little Ditty for Ebayers to Keep In Mind

November 7, 2006

Ebay LogoI just found this great video up on YouTube from Weird Al Yankovic called, “Ebay.”

It chronicles the average user of eBay’s experiences with the somewhat shifty sellers you sometimes find on the popular online auction site. Weird Al can pull this off because he is so incredibly musical with his voice. Hell, this is better than the original Back Street Boys song.

It would seem that a lot of different people have been making their versions of this song with video, with one thing in common, they use the same imagery. I think I am actually going to have a go with this one and actually put one of these together myself. Need to have a hunt for the song, should I go for it on iTunes? Check out the video (the song) below!