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Nickelback’s “If Everyone Cared” – A “We Are the World” for Our Time

May 10, 2007

I recently heard the Nickelback song “If Everyone Cared” and was both shocked and uplifted by this, their latest release. “If Everyone Cared” carries a similar message as Lionel Richie’s and Michael Jackson’s inspiring “We Are the World” of 1984 and even makes references to Live Aid. It is an incredible example of a modern, socially conscious band and although Nickelback were already a successful and well liked group this masterpiece makes them unpredictable and unstoppable.

After watching the music video above in excess of 60 times in the last two weeks I have a few comments as an American living abroad. I find it very interesting how in this Canadian Band’s video there was little or no reference to events that have taken place inside or because of the United States. I am referring to such monumental events as the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King and the turbulent decades of the Civil Rights Movement. Although I am a patriotic American I am aware that my countrymen are among the most violent and combative people on this small planet. I think it is possible that Nickelback in their writing wisdom opted not to show American events in order to avoid offending Americans by not mentioning the politically correct tragedy of the week. This song, among other messages tells us that our problems are within us and and be fixed within us.

Although the lyrics of “If Everyone Cared” are somewhat over optimistic for the modern world it is truly a “We Are the World” an inspirational and uplifting anthem for the twenty-first century and beyond. I encourage all who read this to share this video and its message with those you love, and maybe, just maybe we might be able to play this song again in the twenty-second century.

For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal. – John F. Kennedy

Copyright 2007. Sebastian Prooth.


My Friend Alan O’Day’s New Site is Up!

March 14, 2007

If you are a fan of 1970’s pop music or just know a lot of the great hits you will have heard songs that were either written or performed by my friend, Alan O’day. I know Alan from when I produced the music video for his new version of Rock and Roll Heaven, which we are now calling Rock and Roll Heaven 2007, has a nice ring to it don’t you think? The year was added because the song that was originally sung by the Righteous Brothers has become hopelessly out of date as we have lost so many great performers since the 1970’s. Among other songs, Alan also wrote and performed Undercover Angel and wrote the music and lyrics for Angie Baby.

Alan and I have become good friends over the last few months, sharing creative ideas and generally offering council when one or both of us need it. This post is to inform surfers that Alan’s new and very modern website is up and viewable right now. If you take a look to the right of this post at the blogroll, you will see a link for Alan O’day, click that and you will be at Alan’s awesome new site. You can hear samples of Alan’s work and even buy a CD of his latest cut of Undercover Angel which surprisingly is a rap remix!

If this sounds like an advertisement I assure you its not, Alan doesn’t even know I wrote this, until I tell him! Check out his new site and buy a CD! (Now that’s an advertisement!)

Windows Vista Requires Purchasing…Not Pirating

November 12, 2006

Windows Vista LogoI am no saint. As many of the online community have done, I have used software of various types that have been cracked or less than legal, and I have downloaded music. Just about a year ago, I stopped doing anything remotely illegal online with new regard for the law. I am an advocate of fair use, which means if I buy music on my desktop’s iTunes, I want to be able to use that music on every music player I own, forever.  I am extremely vocal about DRM forcing us into a “one use per download” methodology.

Windows Vista like Windows XP, ME, 98 and even 95 will have a product key that you have to use to install the OS. The difference between the product key in Vista and the one in earlier OS’s like Windows 98 is Vista’s will actually do more than allow you to install the OS. Vista’s product key will regulate the amount that you are able to use the operating system, decide whether or not you are eligible for updates and will help Windows Genuine Advantage decide where it is going to stop you from using your computer sometime two months down the road.

As I have been advocating fair use I can not very well turn around and recommend that you pirate an OS, especially one that is not even public yet. Someone has come up with a registry hack that will allow you to do just that. This new hack will allow you to hack into Vista and use the product key you got with your Beta version of Vista and apply it to the RTM version.

My first reaction to this is. Why?  Why should any of these software companies listen to us when we ask for looser restraints on music and software so that we are able to use it for our own purposes more easily? How can we expect them to be compliant when we are talking about cracking the OS that they have been taking so much time to release?  I am not a Microsoft apologist, I am not apologizing that they have been wasting our time for months while they “work further” on Vista but I can say that Microsoft are people and they will respond as people.

At this juncture you might be wondering how I think Microsoft might “take this out on us” and I would point you to the upcoming Zune. Zune has reduced functionality, it won’t be able to play music that you have bought on the iTunes music store, if you share music you can only keep it for three days, there are countless reasons Zune is counter play to fair use advocates. Microsoft might very well decide that

“If they are going to screw with the OS…we’re going to tighten the DRM on Zune to prevent anyone from using anything but Microsoft licensed music….”

Don’t get the wrong idea, this is speculation of Microsoft’s “feelings” if Vista is pummeled by the same hackers who go after everything else they should be paying for.

If you want to use Vista, you should buy it, legitimately.