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How Much Electricity Does a PC Use?

November 12, 2006

Save EnergyIt was brought up as a question in my household today. How much electricity does your computer(s) take up? My answer was a somewhat uncertain, “ummm…not much…”

As usual Google beaconed and I happened onto this wonderful website that explains just how much power your computer is taking up at it’s various stages of operation. The author of the website explains in painstaking detail the different measurements with statements like:

Add another 80 watts for a 17″ CRT monitor, or 35 for an LCD monitor. Don’t forget related devices. My cable modem uses 7 watts, my D-Link DI-604 router uses 4.5 watts, and my Motorola phone box for use with Vonage uses 2 watts while idle (3 when I’m on the phone)”   -Click for link to site

This website does not tell you how much your pc is using, but it talks in averages and gives you a good idea. I am usually pretty good at turning my PC off during the day when I am out and at night when I am asleep. I had never thought of my Thinkpad causing much of a power drain, but as it has the same general components and a Pentium 4 2Ghz processor, maybe it does.

I went ahead and changed my power settings on both PC’s. If you are not sure how to do this go to your control panel on a Windows machine and select “Power Options.” While I have been sitting here, I heard the HDD power down in my Thinkpad and a few minutes later, the screen went down. The new power management is in effect.

The website that I found has other questions that are addressed about laptops, people talking business with multiple computers and even dispels a few myths. The old “Turning my PC on takes more energy than leaving it on” is gone.

Tell someone about PC power management, turn it off when you’re not using it and let’s save some energy.



No DVD Burner? No Microsoft Windows Vista Beta!

June 9, 2006

Windows Vista logoI just saw on Scoble’s blog something I have been waiting to see for a couple days/ that Microsoft Vista is now available for download in beta.

Microsoft has a section on the Vista site with their Vista Update Advisor, which I downloaded and ran. My PC (Athlon XP 3000+ with 1GB DDR) is apparently quite capable of running Vista. I was quite pleased I would be able to beta test the system, and started the process of downloading it.

To my dis-belief and horror it is only available in DVD format to download and sadly my DVD-Burner died two months ago only 10 months into its life. There is an option to PURCHASE the beta at a cost of 10.98GBP +VAT.

So let me get this straight. Microsoft, who has been late in delivering an OS by 4 years, and has pissed a lot of people off is now charging for me to try their OS before I buy!

So with my Vista ready PC I am still plodding along, I booted into XP this morning to run the advisor to see if I would be able to beta test Vista. I am not saying that I would just start using it, I just wanted to see what it was like. You know, any geek would be…

This is the message I felt that the Vista site conveyed. I think valued Microsoft customers should be provided with free Beta CDs/DVDs but that is just me. Not only do you have to pay, but you have to fill out all sorts of information before they tell you it is not free. Even a questionaire! Obviously, Bill Gates, doesn’t see it the way I do. He is quite happy to collect personal data on me, and then tell me I have to pay. I won’t be buying another burner yet though. Unless Microsoft sends me a free DVD copy, why should I try it? Take it from a blogger…Excuse me while I boot back into Ubuntu -Sebastian Prooth

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Meltdown Resolution Source

April 15, 2006

Those of you who read this blog probably read my last entry where I detailed the total failure of my PC. Specifically my Hard Drive a pretty much new 80GB Sata2 Diamondmax Maxtor Drive. This totally crippled me when I tried to start the machine and it refused to go through with getting to the Windows XP splash screen!

All was not lost, the data on the drive seemed to be intact, just it was never going to boot again. I began the process of reinstalling Windows XP Pro. I was on the Skype on my trusty Dell Latitude laptop at the time with my friend Dave Gray which you may know from the Rooster's Rail. He and I tried in vain to rescue the C: Partition with Partition Magic rescue diskettes and failed miserably when I announced that the data was shredded. Dead at approx. 5:00 PM on Wednesday.

Crippled and forced to use a 15GB ATA100 Hard Drive that I salvaged from my brothers old 600Mhz desktop, good thing I kept this Hard Drive for emergencies and to make a long story short and get to the good parts I ended up getting XP installed and up and then had to begin the horrible process of reinstalling stuff, after all the updates which took hours to complete.

My usual compliment of PC applications range from Microsoft Office 2003 specifically Outlook and Word and I have recently become disenfranchised with Microsoft and its supporters. I am sick of waiting for news about Vista just to hear that it is delayed a few more years…

I installed which does the job of the expensive, clunky and unstable MS Office 2003 with the peace of mind the developers were not after money but ease of use and satisfaction of the community at large. In addition to using OpenOffice I have installed several other applications to replace what I was using before including aMSN, WinAMP and Thunderbird Email Client. I love all this new OpenSource stuff, I feel a lot better about my day to day activities knowing the applications are rooted with people who actually care.

So now my system is running fine with a set of new 80GIG SATA2 Drives. Everything is operational and running great, security is in place as well as a new compliment of software to run my day to day business. I highly recommend dumping the branded stuff and moving to open source, in the last 2 days my PC has been running better than it has in ages and I know I have just reformatted but I think credit is due to the Open Source Community.