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Stingray Takes Revenge On Unsuspecting Boater!

October 19, 2006

It seems that sting rays are fighting back after the recent hostility towards them after a stingray stung and killed famed crocodile hunter Steve Irwin last month. An 81 year old man in Florida was critically injured by a stingray today while in his boat. According to CNN the stingray “flopped onto his boat and stung him in the chest” He was left with a foot long barb in his chest and a collapsed lung.

Scientists tell us that attacks of this nature are extremely rare and stingrays are not usually aggressive. Shortly after Steve Irwin’s untimely encounter, people all around the world started attacking stingrays in “revenge for his murder”

Fast forward to today’s events: “a stingray flops out of the water and fires a barb into a man’s chest.” This “rare” attack was allegedly unprovoked. Did this Stingray take it upon himself to seek revenge for the mistreatment of his kind?

This reminds me of another freak of nature a time that the Easter Bunny was caught on camera sometime in October when he was not required to do anything festive.

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Checkout the “Easter Bunny” video below: