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Blogging Makes a Difference…Advanced Blogging!

June 13, 2007

Bloggers are influencing the political, technology, show business and personal communities and their effect is staggering. As the numbers grow from the 70 million bloggers that exist now, imagine what kind of storm they will be creating next year. The availability of information on a blog and the immediacy of which it is published has serious power, power enough to influence public elections and alter perceptions.

Recently, I was thinking about closing my blog since I was trying to become a serious journalist, but then I realized that I have been given an opportunity really help change the world. Since playing field has been evened out we all have a chance to communicate at warp speed in ways that no one has done or gone before. You all know that I have been excited about the late Star Trek writer and producer Michael Piller’s book that I have been entrusted with. I realize now that with millions of fellow Star Trek fans that if each one told another enthusiast that the entire community would be enlightened! I have had the opportunity to read the entire book and I can promise you all that it has changed my life. It is important that each of you who are inspired as I am, blog about it. In fact I would like you to share something that Michael said in an interview that continues to inspire me:

When we conceived this idea (1998, Star Trek Insurrection) it was at a time in my career and in Star Trek that I saw the franchise moving away, perhaps, and a lot of people felt this way, by necessity, moving away from Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy of Gene (Roddenberry) I had a very simple goal as a writer for this film: I wanted to do one for Gene.

…I thought I had a responsibility as the keeper of the flame. I wanted it to be optimistic about the future, the way gene Roddenberry would have appreciated it! –Michael Piller, 2005.

Not only can assimilate the information we are given in our own collective consciousness but the philosophy that we all know and believe in could change the course of the future for the better.

If you don’t have know how to blog and make your voice heard around the world wide web my friend Artie Wayne and I have come up with an idea for you. We both believe in the power of blogging which is why we wrote a 25 page booklet, Guide to Advanced Blogging that shows you how to write better, use effective headlines and tags strong enough to land your article on page one of Google searches.

If you want to know more information about the Guide to Advanced Blogging please click here.

Now here this: There will be another fascinating chapter from Michael Piller’s unpublished, unknown and unavailable book that chronicles the writing of Star Trek Insurrection with a look inside “Roddenberry’s Box”…In Michael’s own Words! 


Copyright 2007. Sebastian Prooth.

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Rock and Roll Heaven – In the Running For the VLOGGIES!

October 22, 2006


Vloggies LogoAt the risk of sounding like a ruthless self-promoter, I’m very excited to let everyone know that the music video of Rock and Roll Heaven (above) that I produced late this last summer is in the running for three Vloggie Awards! In case you are unaware of what the Vloggies are, they’re the first ever awards for online videos, video casts and of course video blogs.

There are 35 categories in the Vloggies. With everything from “Funniest Video” to “Best Cooking Vlog” to “Best Green Vlog.” Of Course there are dozens of categories that you would expect to find; such as “Best Tech Vlog”, “Best News Vlog” and of course “Best Female Vlogger, Male Vlogger” and “Best Vlog”. My video is up for awards in the categories of: “Best Editing in a Video”, “Best Experimental Video”, and “Best Original Music.”

There will be two awards in each category, one selected by a panel of judges, and the “People’s Choice” voted for by the public, online. VOTING IS NOW OPEN, and needless to say, I would really appreciate your vote in any or all of the three categories I mentioned above. By the way, you can vote as often as you like! You might want to hurry because voting closes on Friday, October 27th.

Vote for all your favourites here:

The awards will be announced Saturday, November 4th. The ceremony will begin at approximately 7:30 PM. The event is being held at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco, the same venue where they had VloggerCon 2006. The awards are being hosted by Irina Slutsky, who many of you may know as the blonde reporter on Geek Entertainment Television. Her Co-host is Daniel McVicar, an actor from the soap opera, “The Bold and Beautiful” and the operator of his own video blog, “The McVlog.” McVicar has just launched a cool new website that is both a new video blog and social network called “The Late Night Mash.” As of this writing a few of the more notable celebrities expected to present are: Andrew Baron and Joanne Colan of RocketBoom, Kent and Doug from Ask a, and Kevin Rose of Diggnation. The final list of presenters is about to be released on the Vloggies website and Blog. The Vloggies are being produced by the new parent company of Geek Entertainment.TV, PodTech, so you can expect to see Podtech CEO John Furrier and mega-blogger/vlogger Robert Scoble at the event!

Joe Klein of the PodcastVoiceGuysNow if that isn’t enough, my good friend, mentor and trusted associate, Podcast Voice Guy, Joe Klein (pictured on left), is going to be the announcer at the Vloggies! Joe tells me that he’s going to be doing some very “off the wall” and unexpected stuff as the show’s announcer. He is also working closely with the producers of the event, and says that this is going to be one incredible evening! (BTW, Joe and I may have an interesting announcment to make in the very near future. Stay tuned!)

As regular readers know, I live in the UK and will, unfortunately, not be able to attend the event. So the question arises, who will accept the Vloggy on my behalf if I win…??? (Hmm…)

By the way a special thanks to Artie Wayne of Artie Wayne on the Web for sending me the demo of the updated song by Alan O’Day and Jonny Stevenson which inspired me to produce the video.

Lisa Ling Lays Her Life on the Line for US!

October 16, 2006

Lisa LingFor those of you who do not know who Lisa Ling is take a look at the picture on the left. Aside from being super-model worthy in photos she is a cutting edge, reporter who has worked on the popular talk show, The View, and has recently been working with National Geographic. She is the brave soul who took the personal risk of infiltrating North Korea posing as a “Medical Administrator” knowing full well that if she was caught, she would most likely be charged with espionage and executed.

The terrifying story of this adventurous reporter’s trip into North Korea earlier this summer, before the recent tensions between the UN and NK, will hopefully be airing at the end of this year. As you will see in the video the North Korean civilians have been told by their government that they are in a state of war with the United States and have been for the last 10 years! That certainly surprised the hell out of this transplanted American in the UK.

I was most pleased that the interviewer did not attempt to demonize the North Korean families or government in any way, which of course is a standard ploy when the media cover a story concerning a country with which we are currently struggling to get along with. I will continue to monitor Lisa’s adventurous reporting and keep you apprised.

I would love to get ahold of Lisa for an interview before she is saturated with media attention.

Also of interest, for those who haven’t had a chance to read it, I did an interview with Artie Wayne on the Web the other day.