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Who would win? Picard or Vader? Enterprise or Star Destroyer??

June 12, 2006

What would happen if the Enterprise under the command of Captain Picard came into a star system controlled by the imperial empire of a galaxy far far away….Here is a seven minute video of what might happpen should the universes cross paths.

Well..lets see. First there would have to be time travel as h is the future the 24th century and Star Wars is set in the past! Next of course you will have to note that the Star Trek clips jump back and forth throughout the seven year run of Star Trek for a trained eye like mine this can be irritating.The fun factor? HUGE In truth I was loving every moment of the video, only worried that the deathstar might be considered more than a match for poor enterprise!

Check it out and make sure you leave a comment! -Sebastian (The Ex-Star Trek Fan)