Star Trek: The Continuing Mission Builds Towards International Success

December 21, 2007

After four weeks in my new job here in the Bay Area I am finally starting to settle in a bit more. The job is becoming routine and the plans have been approved on the building of my new life.

Today, December 20th 2007 marks another milestone in my professional career. The audio production on which I am Executive Producer, Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, is being featured prominently on the International News Network, CNN. This attention has ramped up traffic to our official website to a staggering two hundred thousand hits in a 36 hour period. While I have been featured in and on my different formats of media this particular occasion and article is the highest traffic generator I’ve been a party to.

Today, while walking to work from my home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, I was interviewed by a reporter for the local newspaper, the Santa Cruz Sentinel for a Front Page article tomorrow. This is yet another personal milestone and it should certainly help to build anticipation among Star Trek fans for the December 25th, Christmas Day premiere of the show.

The out-pouring of support in the hundreds of emails we have received from excited and buzzed Star Trek enthusiasts has been fabulous. Please continue to send your emails and if you are looking to audition, as many of you are, please send us a full 2 minute demo of your voice. If you are a member of the media, or a blogger / podcaster who wishes to schedule a time for an interview, discussion or some other form of exchange, or you would like to request my presence at an event please contact my personal representation by following – THIS LINK

Here’s to a successful premiere!

-Sebastian Prooth

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