Pirates of the Caribbean III – At Worlds End….Leaves Me at Wits End C+

May 30, 2007

POTCIIIPirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End left me more than stone cold…it left me, shall I say, stone-crab cold?

The film opens with a scene that, in my opinion does not belong in a film with a 12 rating. The villain in this film is hardly defined in the plot and the decision of who the true villain’s identity is left very much to the viewer’s discretion. If you choose the character of Cutler Beckett as the main bad guy I would have to say he has less fear inducing power than a blind guy with an unloaded gun.

As I watched the film I found myself predicting what was going to happen next and usually I was right. I was excited at so few points in the film, I can point them out in my memory which is somewhat of a whirlwind…or should I say, whirlpool at this point. The scene where it is discovered that someone among them who belongs to neither side and the humor that accompanies it comes early in the film and remains one of the high points throughout.

Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow is on his best form as a bumbling idiot in this, the latest and in my opinion worst installment of the Pirates franchise. As a film producer myself I can comment on the scale of the film and how obvious the blue screen on the ships is. When Keira Knightley’s character is promoted to King of the Pirate Brethren I realised that the writers of this film really had run out of ideas when wrote the last film.

The usual super display of CGI effects from Industrial Light and Magic including the stunning “Davey Jones” character will not disappoint the film viewer who is only interested in the graphics budget however the film lacks the substance of Pirates of the Caribbean I and the soul of Pirates of the Caribbean II. All in all, it is unlikely that there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean IV, at least, not one that I will jumping up and down to see.

Although you see Jack Sparrow on his own in a tiny boat at the end of the film, you can’t help but wonder if they have set it up for a sequel or if they are proclaiming that, as the first Pirates film began with Jack alone on a tiny (sinking) boat it is only fitting that the last should end with him in the same position.


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