The Best of Seb’s Raw Takes. A Trip Down Memory Lane

April 15, 2007

SebastianProothWelcome to Volume II of Seb’s Raw Takes @ Compendium of the best and most memorable posts! Join me as I will take you on a little trip down memory lane for some of the posts and pieces of writing that most stick out in my memory.

I started blogging in December 2005 and I never thought that just 6 months later my site would have been host to an offensive against Skype Spam or that I would interview people like Guy Kewney, the right “Guy” from the BBC 24 mistake!

This compendium is broken into sections so that it is easier to navigate and I have tried to keep the number of posts (as there have been 220 posts here at SebRT) linked to a minimum.

Interviews with member of the Technology and Media Sector

Guy Kewney of NewsWireless and BBC 24 Mixup

Roberto Bentivegna and Up and Coming Film Director

PC Plus Magazine’s Features Editor, Richard Cobbett

Political and News Related Posts

An Event of the Highest International Urgency – Regarding the Chinese Satellite Situation

Listen up Terrorists CNN has some tips for you! – Views on an over informative media

Hands off the Weed Killer – This Bush might be blooming! – At one point I thought Bush might improve..

Personal Favourites

Skype Telemarketing Incident – One of the biggest stories ever on SebRT – The first in several related posts about Skype

All I Wanted To Do Was Give Him a Sandwich – My first experience trying to give a homeless man a sandwich

My Music Video – Rock and Roll Heaven – Produced in August 2006

Tribute to Mr. Fred Rogers, An American Icon – My feelings and comments

Miscellaneous and or Humorous

My Cardinal Rules for Producing a Music Video

Writer from CNET James Kim Goes Missing and I have Questions

Opening a Can of Whoop-ass on Spam!

There are many more posts here on that I have not listed here including most of my Star Trek posts which can be reached here. This is my 15th month blogging and the further back I go reading my content I see my writing style and structure diminish greatly. Please bear with me as I have improved in this short space of time. If you need to contact me about any of these posts or have any questions please email me.




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