Star Trek Generations Downloadable Audio Commentary

April 5, 2007

Generations PosterFirst off, I would like to say, Happy First Contact Day! It is April 5th and in 56 years the Vulcans might land in Montana as long as the Borg don’t screw it up! (Kidding about the Vulcan thing, but it is supposed to be the day that Earth first makes contact with Earth on Star Trek)

This is the fourth downloadable commentary I have made available for download, the subject film, Star Trek Generations. Generations was the first feature film adventure for Star Trek The Next Generation cast. It has been, until recently, not one of my favourite Star Trek films. I used to think the writing was quite weak, didn’t like the Enterprise B scene etc. When I watched the film the other day to record this commentary, I noticed quite a few things I hadn’t seen before and hopefully it makes the commentary an interesting one.

I have not listened to the commentary myself yet but as far as I remember no major factual mistakes were made by me this time. One thing you may notice is for a great deal of the final act, I am pretty silent. I just didn’t have much to say in the character scenes between Picard and Kirk.

This is the last Star Trek TNG movie commentary left so from here, if I continue to record these, I would go for The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country. If there are any episodes of Star Trek TNG or Voyager you would like commentary over, please drop me a line and I will put it on the list.



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