Star Trek Nemesis DVD Audio Commentary

March 30, 2007

Nemesis PosterA lot has happened since I recorded the Star Trek Insurrection commentary a few weeks ago. I am working on countless projects at the same time and the pressure of real work is stronger than usual at the moment.  I have been having a serious inner fight about the entire blogging ethos and wondering if I should bother with gigantic articles. I decided to plug on and a few days ago I recorded a commentary for Star Trek Nemesis. Nemesis was the final Star Trek film featuring the cast from Star Trek The Next Generation and in my opinion is a weak, poorly executed film.

I am prepared for a lot of criticism regarding my latest commentary as many fans believe that anything with the real brand of trek on it is sacred ground. I am a fan of Star Trek at the core and I tell you my true feelings about Nemesis on this latest audio commentary.

As I am a stickler for factual correctness I noticed that I had made a few errors on this commentary when listening back including calling the Reman Warbird a Romulan Warbird! Whoops! I admit even the grittiest of Star Trek fans make these mistakes sometimes!

I would like to thank Rico of Trek SF Podcast for having me on his show this week for a Wednesday special edition. I had a great time with him and would love to return in the future.




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