Star Trek First Contact Downloadable Audio Commentary

March 25, 2007

Star Trek First ContactDue to the great reception that my previous commentary for Star Trek Insurrection received, I decided to continue on that pattern. This evening I recorded a full audio commentary for Star Trek First Contact. I hope that I bring something a little different to the table than the director or writer commentary available on the Special Edition DVD.

I heard on mistake as I was listening back to the file, I mention that Star Trek First Contact is ALMOST 10 years old, it is in more like almost 11 years old, oops. In order to make use of this commentary start it playing right as the Paramount logo appears, exactly at the beginning of the film. It is important to make sure it is in sync with the film as I reference things that are on screen that very second.

I hope you enjoy this commentary for Star Trek First Contact, if you are coming to read this because you heard me on the Treks in Sci Fi podcast, thanks for listening. Rick and I hope to work together on a commentary sometime! If you came here from my Memory-Alpha profile I hope you stick around and check out some of the other Star Trek related work I have here on the blog.


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