DVD Commentary For Star Trek Insurrection Released!

March 18, 2007

Star Trek Insurrection - Official PosterWell, it’s true. The release is not official as the commentary that Jonathan Frakes, the Director of Star Trek IX, made never made it to the DVD. That doesn’t mean there doesn’t have to be one though and today I went ahead and recorded a commentary for playback as you watch Star Trek Insurrection.

I know – I didn’t direct, produce or star in the film but my study of film production and my interest in Star Trek coupled with my knowledge of film production gave me an unique perspective to commenting over this film. Of course 15 years of Star Trek technical knowledge helps a little as well.

I have never made one of these commentaries before and I will be doing more of them. There are some minor sound issues in this but overall the recording is a good one.

In order to make use of the commentary the way it is intended you must play it directly in time with the film and line up when I start talking with the beginning of the Paramount Pictures logo. You will figure out the timing pretty quickly, another pointer is make sure I say “LeVar Burton” when LeVar’s name is on the screen in the credits. I refer to things and talk around events in the movie so timing is critical.

If you like the commentary feel free to comment…if there is something you think didn’t get covered and should have in the genre of my commentary, by all means comment, I’d like to know that too. This recording is not intended as a podcast but just something different for next time you watch Star Trek Insurrection!

If anyone has any requests for the next Star Trek film they would like me to comment over please make them known here or drop me a line.

You can find more Star Trek related information about me on my Memory-Alpha Profile.



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