Don’t Buy a MacBook on! – Until eBay Deal With This!

February 7, 2007 have wanted a MacBook since they were released. It seems that all the “cool” people in the blogging universe use Macs and I am still plodding along with a Dell Latitude D600. I would love an Intel Macbook but at 700.00GBP I just can’t afford one!

I found myself on looking at the Apple laptops that are available. There are a few nice looking machines on there but I don’t want a macbook pro, I want a Macbook. As soon as I searched for “MacBook” and selected that I was searching for laptops I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. 99 percent of the auctions for a Macbook appear to be either fraudulent as in the seller has 0 history, registered today, or it is just plain fraud. I even came across one that was for the seller “to get a free Macbook with your reference” Check it out here, if you don’t know what the hell I am talking about.

If this kind of auction is allowed on I will apologise, but I find it highly contrary to the purpose of eBay and I am sure that other honest members would be highly offended as well.

Everyone says not to buy computers on eBay. I did buy this Dell on eBay and I was lucky. It arrived totally as described and so far has been a brilliant system. After seeing the MacBooks on eBay were mostly not real or quite obviously trying to rip you off I decided to report the auctions I suspected.

I clicked the “report this item” link at the bottom of the eBay page and was greeted with another page that had me select why I was reporting it. I selected that I thought the item was fraudulent and then clicked next. It then gave me a page to read about fraud. It did not say “We will look into this immediately, thanks for being a great eBay consumer” Nothing like that. They make it so difficult to report the item as fraud that I decided to give up and just write this instead.

I am a fairly avid user of eBay but what I have seen tonight has really disturbed me and unless eBay steps up their security, and watches these quite obviously “fraud susceptible” items more and more people are going to be ripped off while conducting business on eBay than are being already and this situation is only going to get worse.

For the moment, for your saftey: DO NOT BUY or BID for a Macbook on eBay unless there are contact details for the seller and they have a good feedback rating of 15+ or more. Make sure they have no negative feedback and if they do that it is obvious why. These are good rules to live by when purchasing on eBay anyway, but with this discovery, I would consider this a YOU STAND TO LOOSE YOUR MONEY situation. 


3 Responses to “Don’t Buy a MacBook on! – Until eBay Deal With This!”

  1. dun4d Says:

    Oh, I guess £549 from Apple is too low to be real?
    Get it in black for £700.

  2. Thanks Jack for that. I thought they were 700.00 New from Apple. At least they were before. This is a post about the outrageous situation on eBay not about how much the Macbook costs to buy…

  3. Andy Melton Says:

    I hate buying anything off of eBay. I have had much better luck buying things on Amazon. You might get a good deal on MacMall or from B&H.

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