A Week of Firsts, But it’s Been Productive – And Who the Hell is Charles Manson?

February 3, 2007

When this week started last weekend it promised to be just as dull as the week before. I was still looking for someone to hire me as a writer, or something, still struggling with the notion of college…still struggling with my position on the Earth but it was about to change for the better.  The change started in the strangest way and it was when I was doing one of the things I do best in life: complaining.

I bought a book about famous assassinations, got it for 1.98 and decided it would be a fun read. There was a chapter about John Kennedy which I thought should have made for about 15 minutes of reading. I was not prepared for what greeted me when I opened the book to page 300. The book which is written in formal English is one of the poorest examples of a book I have ever read. There are grammar, syntax and factual errors throughout the entire chapter about Kennedy. As the perpetual complainer that I am I decided to call the publisher. I proceeded to highlight all the errors I could see and * the ones I thought were in the most need of attention. When I called the publisher of the book they were very nice and heard me out. Not only did they hear me out, they got the book out and noted the errors I was laying out! I was amazed at their reaction, but it didn’t prepare me for what happened next. After I told the publisher that I am a writer they asked if I was looking for any editing / proofreading or even writing work. Very excited I told them that I was *of course* looking for work! They asked me to send in some of my work and they would get back to me.

The next day while standing in a beautiful church thinking about life my mobile phone rang. It was the publisher who I’d spoken to the day before. “We would like you to write a sample piece of writing” – That’s great! They want me to write a sample, which means they are interested. The subject: The Serial Killer and criminal mastermind, Charles Manson! Yikes! I thought,  a serial killer that’s a little odd, but I agreed to do it. I need the work. So for the last few days I have been compiling research, watching A&E biographies and carrying out comprehensive internet research on Manson. I learned a great deal about this character and started to write the piece last night. I will say this though. I will never be writing about a serial killer again. Just so everyone knows. It does freak me out a bit to be delving into the affairs of this complete misfit character.

So this week has been a rather interesting. I have discovered that both my local libraries organise books in the strangest of ways and it is very difficult to find anything. I have managed to find a few written sources for the research but most of the biographies for a man who has spent 70 percent of his adult life in prison read in very much the same way. I am making it my business to write a biography that is not a copycat of all the others.

Other events of the week include: A brand new idea for a screenplay which just seemed to pop out and I need to write it down as soon as I can. Start research and begin prep for a long article and discussion regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis. Maybe the publishers that are having me write this article about Charles Manson will let me write about Kennedy or the Crisis for a book. Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “A Week of Firsts, But it’s Been Productive – And Who the Hell is Charles Manson?”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    I hope the writing job turns out good for you. Let’s just hope someone doesn’t call, complaining about your work 🙂

  2. Artie Wayne Says:

    You might want to ask Joe to put you in touch with a friend of ours who bought the La Bianca house right after the Manson Murders. You also should check out the story about Russ Regan financing Charlie’s demo tapes, and watch the exclusive jailhouse interview Geraldo Rivera did with him 10 years ago that was rerun on Fox last week.

    Good luck and regards, Artie Wayne http://artiewayne.wordpress.com

  3. Hey Artie: Thanks for your advice. Joe and I have already discussed it and spoken with the relevant party..so you were right on the ball to suggest it. I have been watching the video material available about Manson on YouTube and the interview with Geraldo was in there. //Seb

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