Senator Hillary Clinton Does Live Webchat – Just Finished

January 23, 2007

Hillary ClintonTonight marked the first evening of three in a row where Sen. Clinton will be addresses questions put to her via on online webchat. I participated in the chat and asked a question regarding today’s news of the CEO’s contacting President Bush regarding the environment. She answered many questions from people all across America from her plans for Iraq to her favourite movie. Sen. Clinton did not mention tomorrow’s State of the Union Address to be given by President Bush.

Sen. Clinton promises to be a President who communicates with not only her country and the people of it, but also the enemies of the nation. Clinton also addressed issues with the environment, affordable healthcare for Americans and a question from a 14 year old boy who is interested in being the President of the United States one day!

I was impressed with Sen. Clinton’s ability to talk about the many subjects put to her and not just push the play button and walk away. She answered a question about if America is ready to have a female President and of course she thinks it is. America is more than ready for a female President.

I will be attending tomorrow’s webchat as Sen. Clinton is only doing half hour chats which is certainly not a great deal of time and as it is at 7PM Eastern it is 12 Midnight when it starts for me. One thing I will say is the webchat started at exactly 7PM on the dot so get in a little early to make sure you are all set up. The quality of the webcast at 300k broadband speed setting was fantastic and very watchable.


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