Hillary Clinton is Running in 2008! Show Me Where to Sign!

January 20, 2007

I have just learned that Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2008! I am elated with the prospect of another Clinton in the White House. I decided to pay her official website a visit and after a wonderful welcome message I clicked to the blog. It asked me if I wanted to write the first post. This was quite an exciting prospect and I knew it was not one to be taken lightly. I would imagine they are screening posts and deciding which on to use as the first. I have taken the chance and below is my letter to Mrs. Clinton.

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Congratulations on your decision to run for presidency in 2008. I am an American who lives in England but I make sure I always keep up to date with American and World politics. I just watched an interview with your husband on Fox from September last year and it reminded me how much better America was when he was in the White House.

I believe you have what it takes to restore the world’s faith in America. I hate feeling that as an American abroad that I have to worry not to voice my opinions too loudly as my accent might be recognized as similar to that of President Bush, a man who the world recognizes as causing most of our problems.

I look forward to a day when we as Americans can feel totally proud of what our country is doing at home and on foreign soil. I look forward to a day when America can join the world’s fight to save the planet from destruction by depletion of fossil fuels and not just brush it aside as unimportant and irrelevant.

I think electing you as the next President is in America’s and the World’s best interest and I only wish the change of command could be a little sooner.

Best of luck in your campaign.

-Sebastian Prooth


2 Responses to “Hillary Clinton is Running in 2008! Show Me Where to Sign!”

  1. Vlada Says:

    Dear Sebastian,

    Well done on redesigning your website. However, I’m a bit worried about the content you promote on it, intentionally or not.

    Although gifted with a smooth tongue, Hilary Clinton and her husband William are not representatives of politics which did much good to the World as you claim in your article. They (or he if we believe that Hilary was just his wife) opened a Pandora’s box with results far more dangerous than first assumed. In 1999, Bill Clinton started an illegal war against a European country without the backing of the UN. In a campaign that lasted 3 months he was responsible for the destruction of an almost entirely civilian infrastructure: bridges, factories and even hospitals were bombed, directly causing more than 1200 deaths. These victims included a child crossing a bridge on a Sunday afternoon going to the market, as well as a train full of passengers hit by a missile in the middle of the day.

    Interestingly, this ‘sugar coated’ aggression was supposed to bring about democracy, world peace and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. As nothing of the latter really happened, the real political reasons of confirming military supremacy of the USA over the world scene is now far too familiar.

    The current president of the USA is however less well spoken, not as sympathetic with the oppressed of the World and with fewer concealed aims, but still he walks in the footsteps of those who allowed military means to substitute the diplomatic and for force to become the first choice rather than the last resort.

    So, if you were feeling proud of being an American and of your president in 1999, then you have no reason not to be proud today. I’m sure that Hilary has the capacity to make you feel better, but I seriously doubt that she’ll make you any more proud.

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