Big Brother Has Serious Issues After Sponsor Pullout

January 19, 2007

The Channel 4 series Big Brother has had some serious issues because of the recent “racist” remarks than have been made by Jade Goody and other housemates. The Carphone warehouse the major sponsor the programme has severed its relations with the programme and there are reports that they are looking to get some money back from their sponsorship.

Big Brother which is currently running a celebrity edition has the contestants supposedly locked away from the outside world, but this latest dis-harmony with the housemates has caused repercussions throughout the outside world. It seems even if they are cut off from us, We are still entirely effected by their actions and even inactions.

Channel 4’s Chief Executive has said that they are not prepared to say that the comments in the house have sprung from racism but from “cultural differences” – Although it can be argued that that Racism is usually sprung from ignorance and fear it can also spring from cultural differences and the statement from channel 4 really should have been a little bit more clear and concise.

Politicians are calling for people not to watch the programme, saying that the programme is inappropriate down to the editing and they just do not approve and I have to say that I agree. I have only watched Big Brother a few times in the past and I have not watched any of this latest “celebrity edition” but from what I can see it is not worth the time.

Carphone Warehouse might be pulling out but that may not be their biggest problem, with the attention of the national news Big Brother will be further under the scrutiny of the minority leaders in the community and the citizen viewers as a whole. This fight involving what is so clearly racism has no place on television and Channel 4 are going to hurt before they laugh again on this matter.


3 Responses to “Big Brother Has Serious Issues After Sponsor Pullout”

  1. dun4d Says:

    Last night they had the higest views on a Celeb Big Brother, ever. Now on eviction night, youve got to think, “How will they do it next”. Something big will happen tonight. A secret room or a new housemate.

    I don’t trust anyone who can fit there fist into there mouth!

  2. bApHoMEt Says:

    i dont see why there is so much fuss. i am an indian, and if i were to look at every “white” person’s conversation with me, i’d say the whole caucasian race is against me. but thats bulls#@t. racial discrimination, religious discrimination, heck even sexual discrimination is a norm now. it’s a passing side-effect to globalisation and mingling of cultures. there are extreme cases that must be punished, but this hardly that.

    an actress being made fun off on a TV show where i bet this was expected anyway is not the kind of news on which discussions on racial abuse should be based.

  3. Bigbrother, bugboss,, what ever.. they are just a waste! these reality shows are never been real. and they are just guiding these people wrong.. Do you think this is Racism? I think there are many more serious issues you could find in this world. why these politicians are silent when there is real humiliation. when there is real racism?
    why they are not acting against.. britians’ British National Party!
    whats happening in India…when it comes to RSS – bajrangdal and Muslim league… These all are just the very version Racism and a neo facism..

    Why people are silent against them and just break out when these silly shilpa cries..She could have walked out if she was hurt!

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