N.I.C.E. Refuses Life Changing Drug to Cancer Patients!

January 11, 2007

The Velcade ThreeThere are a lot of fights going on right now, but there is one particular fight, a fight of three Yorkshire women against the establishment. Their cause? They are fighting for the right for cancer patients to live.

Jacky Pickles, Janice Wrigglesworth and Marie Morton are raising money to fight Nice or the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Look North, the division of the BBC news that delivers the news locally reported that these women saw a lawyer today and that they are now awaiting a February ruling.

These women who have all been diagnosed with cancer in the last 10 years are being treated by the drug Velcade. Velcade helps them reach a plateau in their illness and improve their quality of life. The health establishment says that the 9,000 GBP (per person) that it will cost to provide these and other women with this care is not cost effective for them. It is however more disturbing that more women could get this treatment if they lived in specific postcodes within the UK. Velcade is offered with no trouble in other postcodes, These three women are fighting to change that and are quickly becoming known as “The Velcade Three”

The women have been keeping a video diary for Look North in their day to day fight to survive. They are sapped of energy by their condition and still remain motivated to bring some light and justice to their situation. They certainly have succeeded as you can see that headlines all over the UK are blaring with their story.

If you would like to help the Velcade Three please visit their website at http://www.velcadethree.co.uk – On their website you will find more information about the women, their condition and how to make a donation to their cause. I urge everyone able reading this to donate something, anything to help stop this gross mis-carriage of justice. People have the right to survive no matter where they live in the UK!

Google Dictionary Defines “nice” as: decent: socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous; “from a decent family”; “a nice girl”

Nice is an unfortunate acronym for a company which seems to be anything but NICE!

How about it Microsoft, Google, Yahoo? Anyone? Can anyone help these people?


One Response to “N.I.C.E. Refuses Life Changing Drug to Cancer Patients!”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    Sounds like America.

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