Roberto Bentivegna – His New Film – Definitely a Director to Watch!

January 10, 2007

I am a member of the forums at IMDB which is of course the Internet Movie Data Base. I have started hanging around in the director’s and the writer’s forums and have been able to read some interesting material. A lot of posts link you to some pretty mediocre film work as you get all kinds of people on forums, but a lot of the material advertised there is pretty good, even REALLY good, like this one.

The video above is from the director and writer, Roberto Bentivegna. The piece is called “Rest Stop for the Rare Individual” and in my opinion is the finest short film I have seen. The acting in the short is dead on and from the beginning it had my attention right through to the end of the credits.

There are only a couple of things I would like to point out that I would have done differently should it have been me in the director’s chair.

-At the beginning of the picture the teacher’s acting seems a little wooden, not totally but in places. I think it could have been hammered out with another take or two. Maybe Roberto was under the clock and he didn’t have the time to retake that sequence.

-There was some camera shake when Paul is climbing the stairs and the camera’s POV is from above. This may have been intentional, such as the nasty guy watching him come up the stairs and we are seeing through his eyes, but I think it is just a tiny production oversight.

Although I am not bothered myself, I think that the content of the video should be given an adult rating, not just for the swearing because it seems that swearing is everywhere these days but for the content of the bad guy’s soliloquy towards the end and the inappropriate sexual references to minors.

I say I am not bothered by the fact that there is no rating and I was not bothered by the content because there are people like that and showing one of film, especially with the recent fad or so it would seem of the media crucifying pedophiles, is an extremely innovative and courageous act on the part of the writers. The actor plays the character very well and effectively gives the viewer the creeps.

I would definitely say that Roberto is a director to keep your eye on in the next few years. He is coming up with original and abstract ideas and I am going to see about getting him for an interview here at I have a feeling I could learn a lot from him and relish the opportunity to speak with such an obviously skilled writer / director.


2 Responses to “Roberto Bentivegna – His New Film – Definitely a Director to Watch!”

  1. NIce! Loved the camera!

    But the scene with Hugo was a pretty campy in parts especially hislaugh and cough and stuff.

    But great stuff nonetheless!

  2. […] that first grabbed my attention with his latest film “Rest Stop for the Rare Individual” I wrote about my first impressions of that movie a few days ago, which you can check out here. Roberto and I had a great chat yesterday during which we talked film-maker to film-maker about the […]

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