12K USD a Month if you work Hard! Is OONDI Too Good to Be True?

December 19, 2006

OONDIThere is an interesting new service available to the writers and bloggers online. These kind of services are popping up all over the internet but few are quite as together looking as OONDI. The service promises if you write original content for their website you will get the credit as the author and you will receive 100 percent of all advertising revenue your articles get.

OODNI is in beta and has certainly got a great looking interface. Very slick. I was thinking of signing up for the service myself but I don’t really want to have to create new content other than my blog for which I might get paid if someone takes an interest. Generally writers are paid by the word for the institution they are contracted to.

A couple of great features of OONDI include: RSS Feeds of individuals’ article pages, multiple channels for varied content and a simple, clean and easy to understand interface. The site has a similar mission to many other sites like NewsVine.

What do they get?

The OONDI website is not entirely clear on what they get out of the deal. As so many web 2.0 companies are similarly structured with transparent business plans, I am not sure what to make of OONDI’s. If the author takes all the credit and the money, what is left for the company? Their website says “If you’re a very skilled writer earning 12,000 USD per month is not out of the question, although you’ll need to build a loyal audience first.

With all due respect to OONDI, that is an insult to writers. Most writers do not make 12 thousand dollars a month, and I find it highly unlikely they are going to cough up that kind of money for little gain for themselves.

Keep an eye on OONDI, they may fade into the internet abyss or they may start to thrive and prove me wrong. But don’t be fooled into going to write thinking you if you work your proverbial ass off you will make 12 thousand dollars a month. This blogger’s opinion both life experience and from internet life experience would call that far too good to be true.


8 Responses to “12K USD a Month if you work Hard! Is OONDI Too Good to Be True?”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    It is definitely too good to be true and there has to be a catch somewhere. There always is. I’d say they take a “small” amount out. The $12,000 a month is absurd, at least to me. That is $144,000 a year (if you get 12K a month). I’d rather be indie, write for myself and help people out. But that’s just me.

  2. nightstorm41 Says:

    Hm, sounds interesting. Might check it out. I’m honestly surprised to not see more comments here about this.

  3. Ste "Satire" Says:

    Nah i think 12k p/m is a bit over the top. You think about how much an average wage is for someone in a more “standard” industry, and then look at how difficult is to make money as a writer, and the figures don’t really add up. Maybe if you write for them for a LONG time you might start getting into amounts that are about half that. It just seems like the standard marketing ploy to get people to sign up for the service.

  4. Ken Says:

    Has any of you read the entire site? They’re not paying this out of their own pockets. The money is paid by Google directly into your own Adsense account. They will run your adsense ads on the pages you created. In other words; you can make any amount of money, depending on the traffic to your pages. Of course this probably won’t be 12,000 USD at the start, but that’s not really the point.

    Anyway, there are bloggers making this kind of money, if not more so it’s absolutely possible. The only problem is getting traffic to your pages, but when this site goes out of Beta and gets some serious media attention…

  5. Amit K Says:

    i subscribed to it…….but the site seems empty…….dude could u add me to ur blogroll….will be pleased if u do so

  6. Amit K Says:

    do reply i.e. if u add me ……..on my blog

  7. maggot Says:

    It seems obvious what the site gets is visitors to it’s own site, which will contain adverts, which they will get payed for. More visitors to the blogs means more visitors to the home site.

    Makes sense.

    Open your eyes, the world is round.

  8. kusta400 Says:

    I like oodni’s vision, the freedom of information and such. But it seems to good to be true. I’m interested to see if anything comes of it.

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