Customer Service Nightmare with DieCastBlast, ControlScan to the Rescue!

December 19, 2006

I had the pleasure of speaking with a member of the support team at Control Scan today after I had no luck contacting a company that displays the Control Scan badges on their website. In their own words ControlScan:

Provides third party verification and services to identify, measure and prioritize security, privacy, quality, accessibility and compliance risks that exist on corporate web properties.

If I was in need of this service I can assure you the first place I would go to is ControlScan. Their outstanding level of customer service even to someone calling who is not looking to become a customer is fantastic for a dot com company. There is no doubt in my mind why they hold business accounts with such large companies as quotes on their website.

I contacted ControlScan after having no luck contacting a company with whom I have recently done business. The company is part of the Yahoo Stores and is called DieCastBlast. Through a relative in Nevada I bought a gift from them for my father’s Christmas present a beautiful Aston Martin DBS, the one from the latest James Bond film.

It was never shipped but according to UPS who had shipping information for the item, it was billed to them on the 12th of December. After countless attempts at getting in contact with DieCastBlast by phone and email we resorted to contacting ControlScan, as they had badges that claimed DieCastBlast had passed their requirements.

Because of the special circumstances of this situation the representative at ControlScan was extremely helpful in getting me the contact phone number for the human behind the scenes at DieCastBlast. Once my Uncle and I had obtained the phone number we called them and were given a series of excuses that ultimately added up to the item not being dispatched and claims that we had been informed of this already and a credit had been issued back to the credit card that purchased the model car.

Without the help of ControlScan, we would be no closer to getting this problem dealt with, we would not have been able to reach a voice at DieCastBlast as all previous voice mails had gone unanswered and emails not returned. I have given ControlScan a complete account of this event and their representative promised that the information would be kept on their permanent file.

I still don’t have the Aston Martin DBS is 1/18 scale for my Dad to open on Christmas Day. That’s the only thing left to get this Christmas!


One Response to “Customer Service Nightmare with DieCastBlast, ControlScan to the Rescue!”

  1. blackflag Says:

    For what it’s worth I use Control Scan’s services on the coporate level and my experience has been equal to yours. I dumped “Qualys” as a scan provider because they were rife with false positives and thier customer service sucked. Control Scan is about half the price as well.

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