The Simplest Online Avatar Creation Tool

December 6, 2006

MyPictrThere is a great new little Web 2.0 service called MyPictr. It is one of those little sites you can keep in your Web 2.0, making your life easier, toolbox.

You know when you are signing up to YouTube or Myspace and you have create a little avatar to go next to your name? Sometimes those sites don’t have a service to resize/select the part of the image you want to and you end up having a crappy image or you have a quality reduced smaller image, or you just can’t figure any of it out. Anyway, its too much trouble when you can just MyPictr it.

This site allows you to upload an image and then has presets for all the most popular profile and social networking sites that have avatars. You can then drag a translucent selection rectangle over the image to cover what you want to use as the avatar. If the image resolution is just way too large you can scale down the image with the scale tool on the left of the preview pane.

When you are finished selecting what you want your image to look like you can save it and be on your way. It’s that simple. So next time your signing up for a new service, keep this one in mind.


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