Social Internet Browsing with Boingle

December 6, 2006

No, not Boing Boing, Boingle. What is it? While surfing through new Web 2.0 links I came across this service although I am not too sure what it is all about. I went over to their website and did some digging around to find out what is what.

Although the website is covered with a massive column ad on the left, and it feels like a old style website that has been recently upgraded but not quite there yet.

Boingle which is a social web browsing website is an interesting idea, but I don’t like how in order to use their service you need to download a Internet Explorer or Firefox extension. Because I don’t really understand what the service does, I cannot justify installing an application to find out.

One think about Boingle that is great is their security statement about downloading the extension and it reads:

As you may know, to use Boingle, you will need to download the BoingleBar, a toolbar that resides within your web browser. The BoingleBar is available for both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorerthe two most popular browsers on the internet today. The choice you make will depend on your browser preference, and security.

Malicious software often exploits Microsoft Internet Explorer’s elaborate object model. With tremendous flexibility comes tremendous opportunity – both to do amazing things with the browser, and to do great harm to the client PC. Microsoft Internet Explorer offers developers the ability to extend the browser using a technology called ActiveX. Because ActiveX technology allows developers incredible control over the behaviour of the PC, it means that security is difficult if not impossible to enforce.

Because ActiveX allows such granular control over your PC, hackers typically exploit the technology to do harm to your machine. If you do not have spyware protection, or you do not yet have the free Malicious Software Removal tool from Microsoft, you should do so prior to downloading the BoingleBar (or any other software product, for that matter). Although we can state unequivicolly that we do not intend to harm your PC through the ActiveX version of the BoingleBar, it may be easier and in your best interests to consider the Firefox version.

This statement is not only informative it is very responsible for them to place it on the site. Although as you can see there is a minor mis-spelling of “unequivocally” – but they knew what they wanted to say. It is also really good that they are not really promoting Firefox, but they are suggesting it as the browser that you ought to be using.  It is a wide-spread belief among the technology community that Firefox is more secure than MS Internet Explorer although you are more safe if you use Internet Explorer 7.0. I applaud Boingle 100% for placing this statement on their Security Section.

If you want to know more about Boingle you are going to have to take the plunge and download the BoingleBar. If you choose to check it out..please leave a comment and let us know how it is and what it actually is.


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