No UK Release Date For MS Zune, No Review as Planned

December 6, 2006

Zune 1I contacted Microsoft’s press department yesterday about the new portable media player, Zune. I wanted to talk to someone who could give me the run-down and possibly arrange for a test of the hardware.

I was aware that Zune has not been released to the UK market as of yet but thought that they would be able to give me some information, if not arrange for the review of the product. I was surprised when I was told to go to as if I had absolutely no idea that it is existed and wait for the release date in the UK. 

I would like to have been told about a contact who I could talk to about arranging a review date or arranging that it could be arranged the day the release date is made public but I was given no such courtesy.  I was told and wait for it to show up.

The blogosphere has not taken very kindly to the Zune. I wrote a post recently about how the Zune really wasn’t being marketed very well and how I had spoken to many iPod owning friend who had never even heard of the upcoming “iPod killer” Since my original post, Microsoft stepped up their marketing of Zune, hardly because I had anything to say I would think, but it makes me wonder.

With all the know-how that Microsoft has they really didn’t bring out the Zune to very many blogging waiting hands. Valleywag covered the story today about trying to get some press attention on Zune.

So if the blogosphere has been so uninviting to Zune, why did Microsoft dismiss this blogging review so quickly with what they would tell a consumer calling about the product? They might be planning to release it with a bigger bang in the UK, but I doubt it will be a Christmas launch or they might simply be thinking and wrongly so that one blogger’s opinion of their “exciting new, iPod killer” isn’t important. —Is it?


2 Responses to “No UK Release Date For MS Zune, No Review as Planned”

  1. the true believer Says:

    Why would MS care about one little blogger? You are deluded if you believe that a multi-billion dollar company can be bothered to send you of all people a product that isn’t yet released.

    Who do you think you are? Some kind of superstar?

    “Oh I know lets send a few hundred £’s worth of equipment to a nobody in the UK so he can write an almost unread review of it”


  2. Thanks for you comment. If you had not been a coward and left your email address I would send you this note through email as to avoid pollution of my blog. You are probably too stupid to remember you made this comment but here is your answer:

    Why would they care? Because they care what customers think of their products, at the end of the day it is the customer that makes the company who they are and puts the money in their pockets. They care because for a reason unknown to you, blogger’s opinions are quite important in this day and age. They were talking about it just the other day on the BBC. Call me a sheep for listening to the radio and media, I don’t honestly care.

    Your comment about calling me a nobody is unfounded, you are the nobody, without the courage to sign their name on a comment. I signed my name, I am somebody…If you are going to be offensive the least you could do is allow people to stoop to your level and send hate mail back to you.

    Leaves us with your final statement. Idiot. Were you signing your name?

    Oh, and PS: Your “email address” shows just how intelligent you are, people who express themselves with vulgarity the way you did, for public display, really don’t have a clue. I’m guessing your about 15-18 years old, Male and looking for someone to pick on. The only reason I have left your comment here is to make an example of how I deal with morons like you.

    Feel free to reply, but sign your name next time you pathetic party pooper.

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