My X-Mas PCPlus Article, In a Newsagents Near You!

November 30, 2006

I had the pleasure and privilege to write for PC Plus magazine a month ago after interviewing Features Editor, Richard Cobbett. It was during one of my first conversations with him that he suggested that I write the community segment for the magazine. PC Plus is one of the only print media consumables I actually read and I relished the chance to put my .02 cents in the magazine.

I spoke with Richard a few more times over the next few days and we decided that I would write about blogging. Which for some reason, is a fitting subject for a blogger. The section I was to write for was entitled “Community Focus”, and needed a personal angle to the writing. I was issued a Future Publishing contract, which once I completed and returned to them, I set to work writing the article.

The article took a lot of writing, and at one stage I almost felt like giving up. I had put my heart and soul into a particular piece, and when I showed it to Richard for what I set to be my interim deadline, he was less than enthusiastic. It was not what they wanted, the writing had to relate to me, and I had written it from a reference book standpoint. I reworked the article and got it over to him the morning of the deadline, which what I expected to do anyway.

A few weeks had gone by since I had heard anything from Future Publishing and I knew that time was drawing closer for the magazine’s release with my article. I knew that I had handed over some of my editing rights to Future and the magazine’s editors. Of course the editor will change somethings that are written, especially by a non-staff writer. Last Friday I saw the magazine on the shelves in my local supermarket, with my article on page 176. There it was, with a photo of me and screenshot of SebRT and one if it’s most inflammable entries.

I have to say that as someone who has never had something written up in real print before, I was pretty proud of this what some would consider minor publicity. I only had one issue with the article editing, and it was more a matter of a mis-understanding that the editor had who had changed my text that anything else. I have since spoken with the editor about this small correction and we both agreed it is minor and not really worth further mention.

I would like to thank PC Plus Magazine, Future Publishing and especially Richard Cobbett for the opportunity this holiday season and as you know I am most interested in coming back for another round…you guys just let me know!

If you would like to read the article I wrote for PC Plus Magazine turn to page 176 of your Christmas 2006, issue 250.


3 Responses to “My X-Mas PCPlus Article, In a Newsagents Near You!”

  1. Andy Melton Says:

    Congrats! Keep up the great work. Hopefully the mis-understanding isn’t something that will confuse the reader. You’re famous! HAHA!

  2. Hey Andy, Thanks… Not a huge mis-understanding, just something about blogging allowing me to guest on podcasts rather than me being a podcaster for the last year… nothing too major. I am not famous 😛 – but not saying I don’t want to be 😛

  3. Luc Says:

    congratulations seb!! keep up the good work! im amazed that ur getting famous now 😛 we havent talked for ages kind of! send me an email sometime!or lets get skype sorted coz its playing up again stupid thing an again congrats luc xx

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