Apple Doesn’t License the Use of the term “Podcast”

November 30, 2006

I was extremely excited to learn today that my former podcasting co-hort Dave Gray has received a reply from Apple after he sent them a cheque in attempt to license the use of the word “podcast.”

This whole situation started when Dave sent a cheque with a letter to Apple Computer Corp. some weeks ago. The cheque was made out for 1 Australian dollar and stood for every time the word podcast was used in relation to the Global Geek Podcast. It would count for a penny, so it served to license the word “podcast” for use both in the Global Geek Podcast show title and the amount of times it is mentioned on the show.

The cheque was returned to Dave with the following statement from Apple (Click for Larger Image):

I am really pleased as the former co-host and co-founder of the Global Geek Podcast for Dave to get such an official acknowledgment from Apple. This is a victory for the podcasters in everyway. It is nice to know that, as of this time, Apple has no intention of trying to stop people from using the word podcast! I think it’s really mature of Apple to respond, knowing the power of the blogosphere and podosphere.

This latest turn of podcasting copyright folklore ties into the whole new Leo Laporte notion of calling podcasts “netcasts.” Beginning at the Portable Media and Podcasting Expo is September of this year. The “Netcasts you love from people you trust” bumper playing at the beginning of TWIT.TV podcasts is certainly looking like overkill with Apple’s “new” position on this matter.

It looks like podcasters and those who use the word can breathe a sigh of relief today and I am really pleased to say it is in part of the efforts of Dave Gray and the Global Geek Podcast and I extend my official congratulations to him for spearheading this victory.

–Now who was it who first coined the word blog? When are they going to get upset and start threatening people with suits?


One Response to “Apple Doesn’t License the Use of the term “Podcast””

  1. Keep in mind, they don’t mind the use of the word ‘podcast’ as a generic descriptive term. They most certainly claim a common law right to all things pod and are trying to enforce that “right” as it pertains to the downloading of media and portable devices.

    It’s okay to call a show “Global Geek Podcast” so long as you don’t try to trademark that or turn it into a brand.

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