I Had a Blast at PodcastCon UK 2006!

November 19, 2006

UPDATE 30, Nov 2006 –  The Citizen Scoop Podcast recorded at PodcastCon by my friend John Buckley has been released for download. The podcast features interviews with many of the guests and atmosphere throughout PodcastconUK2006. What’s more, I am interviewed on the podcast as well, about three quarters through. Don’t just skip to the interview with me,  go listen to the show and leave some feedback! Thanks John!

PodcastCon UK 2006Wow…All I can say is wow. Today was an amazing day. PodcastCon UK was brilliant. I was planning to blog from the event but ended up not doing so. No matter. I managed to get about 40 photographs and about 20 of them are actually worth looking at. I have been working for the last hour and a half cropping, uploading and tagging them on Flickr.

I was so pleased to meet so many people that I have talked to for the last year. Like I said, the event was wow. The event was a who’s who of UK Podcasting with some special appearances from other podcasters from across the pond, including C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash. I had never met a podcaster before today, besides myself and I of course don’t count so meeting so many for my first meet-up with podcasters was just fantastic.

From the moment I arrived when I met the guys from PodcastVoices I started talking to people, running into “old friends” as it were. Alex Bellinger recognised me before I did him so he walked straight up to me. It was strange and wonderful meeting people who already sort of know me, but we had never so much as shaken hands before. Meeting Paul Parkinson of Podcast User Magazine was fun as well, he was the next interview after me with another Skype buddy, John Buckley. I am not going to mention everyone who I am met today because I would be sitting here all night and it is rather pointless. Needless to say everyone was having an absolute blast.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Adam Curry. I didn’t know what to expect and certainly didn’t think he was going to so incredibly tall. Before anyone accuses me of being Roger Smalls for saying that, I was just surprised at the whole “Curry Experience.” I did manage to bag the first two photos of Adam out of everyone at the event. They are both in the flickr stream already. Thanks Neil for introducing me to Adam.

While in the lecture hall I was very taken with the Nokia display. Nokia had brought their new Podcasting Support mobile phones to show and I am really glad that they did. I had the chance to check out a mobile that will be released next year and although the mobile freaks will probably find it ancient news, I thought it was awesome. The Nokia N90, check it out. It was also wonderful to chat with Risto Koski who was representing Nokia. We talked about how Nokia are excited to integrate podcasting support and the possibilities of an interview with him here on the blog.

Finally I will shout out to everyone who I met today. It was really great meeting all of you and can’t wait for our next encounter!

C.C. Chapman, Neil Dixon, Jen Dixon, Ewan Spence, Adam Curry, Neil Ford, Paul Parkinson, John Buckley, Risto Kokski, Alex Bellinger, Paul Nichols, Phil Coyn, Andy Evans, James Brown, Wayne Scott, Ben Reyes, Paul Jenkins, Mark Hunter, Adrian Pegg, Pete Cogle – and so many others!

Click here for the Flickr Stream!


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