Newest Member to the Scribez Writing Team

November 14, 2006

badge.jpgYou may have heard of this up and coming community contributing blog. Scribez is serious about content and delivering it with style. I have been reading Scribez and had some interest in the site ever since I discovered it a couple months ago. They just started up in August and already have a full team of writers putting out their content at regular intervals. I thought that I would get in contact and become a contributor to the blog, so I did.

I have the distinct pleasure to announce today that I was accepted into the Scribez writing team. I am really looking forward to contributing to the site.  I will be covering PodcastCon UK 2006 on the Scribez blog for the overview and article but there is no need to worry, I still will be blogging during the event to

This looks like it is going to be really fun, I have of course been in touch with the admin team and they seem to be very together and on top of it. Accounts getting sorted so I can start scribing!


One Response to “Newest Member to the Scribez Writing Team”

  1. scribez Says:

    just added you blog to our blog roll 😉 . By the way anyone is welcome as long as they have their own blog on which they post original and relevant stuff regularly. Group blogging helps to give more exposure to your personal blog also helps to aggregate quality posts in one single blog.

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