Windows Vista System Sounds Are New…But Wimpy

November 10, 2006

Windows Vista LogoI was surprised to read on “The Whole Story” today about Windows Vista’s system sounds. For those who don’t know, system sounds are the files that play when Windows starts, shutsdown, new email and many other assigned notifications. It seems that the audio files for Windows XP are of much higher quality as well, which is a welcome notion.

I listened to the old sounds, compared with the new ones on this QuickTime video. I think Vista sounds somewhat wimpy and I know I am inviting flaming from all the Vista lovers, but the sounds are in my opinion fit for small device like a PDA not a robust machine running the industry standard OS.

Incidentally it should be noted that during my continuing review of Windows Vista RC2 I determined that there were no new sounds to choose from for system notifications. It seems they have been reserved for the full release. Maybe they also reserved being able to view files as thumbnails in folder view for the full release.

I am quite interested to test Windows Vista, Release Version, as soon as it is made available for me to do so. I can’t wait to see (hear) these sounds in action and context. Maybe they won’t seem quite as wimpy.


5 Responses to “Windows Vista System Sounds Are New…But Wimpy”

  1. LB Says:

    well i have tried windows vista , its crap!! i get things quite easy through my contacts an well, he asked me to have a look at it an i think its crap, Chris an me had a look at it an its what we think is the crappiest thing out there, I’m sorry but i like the other vista better!
    Bye LB xx

  2. Hello,
    Although I agree Windows Vista is not ready for public consumption as it appeared in RC2 I would hardly say it is crap. I am not sure which aspects you are calling crap, but bluntly your statement doesn’t mean much. The fact that “Chris” has tried this out with you carries little weight in your argument because I nor any of the other readers knows who that is. Vista is coming out, and is shipping whether we like it or not. I am just getting used to the idea. Thought I would share a great post about the sounds.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Justin Says:

    Hey Seb, thanks for the trackback and credit to my blog. It is really appreciated.

    I totally agree, the Vista sounds do kinda sound a little whimpy, but I guess Microsoft are going for a more ‘user-friendly’ experience and having sounds that feel more ‘peaceful’ or something.

  4. MIck Samstrick Says:

    I have to agree that the sounds are wimpy.Past beta releases have been pretty woefull in performanece.I have had weird results both with software & hardware.So i would’nt call it a system that is up to scratch.
    ta mick

  5. Nate Says:

    I had good luck with that system myself.

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