Make Sure That Santa Leaves the Right Kind of Presents!

November 10, 2006

UPDATE: 30, Nov 2006: For some reason, that can only be cool, this entry has ended up a discussion over at the SuicideGirls website. I would love to sign in and comment but you have to pay, and I am not going to pay to comment on a trackback. Still pretty cool to have such a well known blog talking about Santa’s mis-deeds. If your reading SuicideGirls admins, how can I comment without being a member of the site?

santaclausshit.JPGThere has been some dis-satisfaction with the Christmas stamps this year here in the UK. I decided to check out the kind of stamps that have been brought out for Christmas 2006. I was shocked and amused to see this particular 1st class stamp. It appears that Father Christmas is delivering more than holiday gifts and cheer to the house he is sitting atop…unfortunately it appears that he is taking a rather conspicuous dump.

If that is not enough, I was watching “Have I Got News For You” this evening and it seems that they thought as I did about this particular stamp. Hmmm..Santa Claus is going to have to be on his best behavior this Yule tide and do his poopies before he leaves for the island!


2 Responses to “Make Sure That Santa Leaves the Right Kind of Presents!”

  1. LB Says:

    Seb, whats wrong with Santa! hes only sitting on the chimney!! prob taking a little rest! don’t care what the TV says its for the kids that Santa is on the stamp!

  2. Thanks for the comment… I know he is taking a rest…this is what most people call a humerous post, but I hear what you’re saying. I am just poking fun at the whole notion of these Christmas stamps and how ridiculous this one looks…and incidently people who are capable of reading my blog won’t really believe in Santa Claus anymore…

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