I will be at PodcastCon UK 2006

November 10, 2006

PodcastCon 2006

I am pleased to announce that I will be attending PodcastCon UK next week. I will be meeting up with the three gentlemen who are behind Podcast Voices about a possible working relationship so that will be fun. I will also be having the opportunity to meet all these UK Podcasters who I have not had a chance to meet in the past and have been talking to or interviewing for the last year.

If I had thought I would be attending the con I would have mentioned to Alex Bellinger who is planning the event that I would like to have chaired a discussion session! Oh well, maybe someone won’t show up and I will have a chance.

GNER WirelessI am going to be heading down to London (from Leeds) on Friday afternoon via GNER. GNER provides wireless internet free to 1st class passengers and for a nominal fee to coach class. So I will be heading down 1st class thanks to GNER and my X Pass to test and review the wireless service.

So if you’re going to PodcastCon next week, drop me a comment here and we could hook up for a chat! Looking forward to seeing all of the UK Podcasters out in force!


One Response to “I will be at PodcastCon UK 2006”

  1. see you there Seb.

    Paul Nicholls

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