Help! I Need Some Staff for a Film I Am Producing!

November 7, 2006

The Project: “Sever” (Working Title)                         
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Director / Producer: Sebastian Prooth
Production Status: In Pre-Production

As many of you know I am very interested in being a Director of films. I have tried my hand at stories and scripts and have not been bad at the writing of them but had a huge problem with actually finishing the stories. I decided to give myself a leg up and get a complete script to adapt and then produce as a film. 

About 8 months ago I was interviewing Neil Dixon, now head Talent Management for Podshow, UK, I knew him as the head of Britcaster.  Neil told me he was writing a film script for a competition and had to have it done about 72 hours later. I can’t remember the exact circumstances the whys and hows but Neil and I ended up going over the script together that evening on Skype. I described how I would, as a director, show the scenes he was writing about. It was fun and I was digging the story.

I called Neil the other day to talk to him a little about the script a horror picture called “Sever.” I asked him what he thought of me producing the film. He was all for it and gave me the script with his blessing to do with it what I please. He is also interested to see the final result, as I am I am not too big to admit.

The purpose of this whole dreary tale is to say that I would like to start pre-production on this film as soon as possible and I would like to take on some support staff. This film is a first time director, with most likely little to no financing. The work by cast and crew will go unpaid, except the credit of creating the picture.  I need some willing, responsible and committed people to help me re-write, plan, and execute the production of this picture.

If you are interested please send me an email telling me why you think you would be right for the following positions:

Writer, Story Consultant, Researcher, Artist (Storyboard and Conceptual), Production Designer, Technical Consultant and other positions / roles you think you can offer to a small budget production.

I will make the script as it is now available to anyone who shows genuine interest in helping.  This is a great opportunity for younger writers, artists, designers to pitch in and if all goes as planned get noticed for their great work.

If you’re interested email me with those details and we will get the ball running. Again I am looking for both experienced and non-experienced personnel. It could be you.  Feel free to comment here or email me about the production.


3 Responses to “Help! I Need Some Staff for a Film I Am Producing!”

  1. Justin Says:

    Oh wow this sounds really awesome. Reminds me of two Melbourne guys (my home city) who went on to write one of the greatest horror films i’ve seen in a while — Saw.

    I wish you the best of luck with this project and hope you find some great talent to help you out.

  2. Thanks Justin. I hope people do start to show up, ready and willing. This could be a really good gig and very fun to produce. I haven’t seen Saw yet but it’s on the list. See you around..


  3. Eidref Says:

    Hi Im interested to work for you..
    However.. Im here in Manila..
    Im here, whatever help I can offer..
    contact me if you must..

    astralsparrow is my YM

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