The Vloggies ARE TONIGHT! 7PM PST, Only a FEW Hours Away!

November 4, 2006

Vloggies LogoA couple of weeks ago I announced that my video Rock and Roll Heaven was entered into the video awards that are taking place in San Francisco, the Vloggies! Well those awards are tonight. Although my categories, Best Editing, Best Original Music and Best Experimental video are not being presented for awards at the show there will be a video screening the non-live announced awards. Cross your fingers and send some mojo my way and maybe I can bring home a Vloggy!

Not only is Rock and Roll Heaven in the running for a Vloggy, my good friend and associate, Joe Klein, of the Podcast Voice Guys will be the announcer at the awards. As I stated before the audience is in one hell of a ride with Joe on that mic!

Vloggies SponsorsThe Vloggies are now being sponsored by multiple online companies, including but not in any order, Intel, Yahoo Video, Revver, Pandora and a quite a few more. See logos on left for some and for a complete list. I was really excited to learn that big companies like Yahoo and Intel are jumping on board but also Revver the up and coming video community website where the producers are actually paid for their content, unlike the popular YouTube.

I really wish I was there this evening for promises to be one hell of a blast of an evening! I have it on good authority that the guest list is really impressive. Appearances from popular blogger/vlogger Robert Scoble, CEO of PodTech John Furrier, and Diggnation star Kevin Rose are expected.

For more details on the Vloggies see my previous Vloggies announcement.

For official details go to the Vloggies website at



2 Responses to “The Vloggies ARE TONIGHT! 7PM PST, Only a FEW Hours Away!”

  1. not reallly guest list only, we just ran out of room! if there’s room and you want to come by and see if there’s room we’ll let you in! fire marshall code space violations……..

  2. Thanks for your comment Irina! Ok, I was under the impression that the Vloggies was guest list only, I will ammend the title right away, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Do me a a favour and make sure Joe behaves himself tonight at the event 😉 -Sebastian.

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