3 Responses to “NEW Social Networking Website – FAQQLY – Reviewed!”

  1. businessgolf Says:


    I am frequently…heck, it is more than frequent, it is nearly every day, asked by someone where the heck they can go on the internet and get away from MySpace and the decay of social morale that has infected that mega site. I have spent more time looking around for people at more networking sites than I would like to, but hey, that is what I do, so why not stay consistent and look at them all and provide my viewers with what I think of a site in hopes it helps them find a good site or stay away from the bad ones.

    So, up pops your blog here on the word nation of WordPress mentioning another social networking site trying to make it in the stormy seas of cyberspace..

    FAQQLY. Catchy and I am sure it took a while for someone to come up with that name, which is a good sign. Yes, I see all you saw and or see and yes, the colors do drive someone to start looking up the Chimney for Santa. But the big concern is the numbers…I looked at the groups, which I like sites that offer the ability to build a group, but you had the most members than any of the groups with 14 members… I will take it that this site is just staring or has a member base not interested in joining groups.

    I also get the feel that this site is a little on the Facebook age group with there being so many High Schools sites.

    Since I have seen and reviewed over 50 social and business networking sites I can tell you what works and what does not and in order for a site to last more than the average 18 months, it has to offer the ability to gather members in a physical meeting of some sort. Without that, you will lose members to boredom. So look into finding people in the group who would want to put a FAQQLY member gathering on at a bar…the bars love it since they get FREE PR. For those not old enough to go to the bar or do not want to go to the bar…have a gathering at an amusement park or restaurant or bowling alley…or even a Golf Course… That is about all I can offer you for FREE. But…

    I saw more, and the bottomline is this and will be my first question on the site…

    Are there any members of this site who are in business and need answers to their business questions? If so, your membership will grow within five days of my blog review of this site. It not, well good luck and ya have fun for as long as you can.

    Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, and Host of the Mr Business Golf podcast, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to successfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit http://www.innovativebusinessgolf.com

  2. First off thank you for your incredibly detailed comment Scot! I understand your concerns about these websites lasting more than 18 months. When you mention the fact that people have to have somewhere they gather I agree with that as well but not totally. I believe that in this day and age on the internet people meet over Skype, MSN Video Chats, Second Life and a thousand other ways where they are 1 step away from being in the physical presance.

    I think that websites like FAQQLY should place themselves in the line of internet users by having setups in programmes like Second Life, get sponsorships from websites like Digg and YouTube (now Google YouTube)

    FAQQLY’s population appears to be something in the region of 6 thousand users. I agree with you that the age range is somewhat consistent to the FaceBook demographic but there are some older users there. I know for a fact the people who I have been dealing with on FAQQLY have all been older than me, even Dave Liu, the CEO is 8 months older than me!

    I really liked your cut-throat analysis of FAQQLY and the social networking scene. I hope you stick around here on the site and comment again, it has been most enriching having you.



  3. Jay Nath Says:

    I agree with Scot. You have to be able to link people to the real world or else you don’t get them truly interested and excited.

    We intend to do just that with my site http://www.HomeAndTell.com Currently folks will be able to showcase their home or home improvement project online. Great but it needs to be grounded with real people meeting and interacting with each other face to face as well as online. Only so many people can visit a home in person but online that can be amplified many times over. This approach allows us to create a virtuous cycle.

    I also think social networking sites need something beyond networking to thrive. I think the missing element is content. With content + community you’ve got a much better chance of success. Look at Myspace which uses small bands as a central meeting point around which fans gather. And live shows give people the potential to meet in person. Many people see Myspace as being lucky but they did a thousand things right.

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