Beginning of November ‘06 Update –

November 4, 2006

PodcastVoicesYou haven’t heard from me for a couple of weeks but I certainly haven’t been up to nothing. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Andy Evans of PodcastVoices the night before last and then earlier yesterday speaking with the production director. PodcastVoices is an awesome company with fresh new ideas to work with the new media both in audio and video blogs and podcasts. Although at the moment Podcast Voices is mostly a virtual company with employees spread throughout the UK, it shares the “head office” with a sister company in London.

As many know who read this blog know I am somewhat of a content producer I obviously write but I also produce both audio (podcasting) and video (the videos I either compile and edit or shoot) I was contacting PodcastVoices about doing some production for them when I first got in contact with Andy the other day. I look forward to some possible work with this awesome emerging company in the near future.

I am seriously considering this “green” thing…

With the media services like BBC and ITV banging on about the sudden legitimate cause for concern about conserving our environment and the release of the Stern report yesterday I do not need to tell you to be concerned about the environment.

It has been talked about for years, this whole “going green” business. My mother has been telling me now for about 2 years that she would like to get a green car, what they call a hybrid or half gasoline and half electric. I have always poo-pooed the idea as bullshit. I have said that so we as a family change, great, what about the 50 quadrillion other people around us who don’t bother? Is it worth the inconvenience we are causing ourselves if no one else conforms?

This whole new notion got me to thinking, and when I think as most who read this blog regularly will know, I think about how to write about it! Then it dawned on me. What I need to do is create a blog, a community here on WordPress where users and unite and educate themselves about the environment and learn ways they can assist in conservation efforts. Stay tuned to for the release of this new site ! If you are an environmentalist / green advocate and you wish to become involved in a new online community with that focus AND you wish to help spear head a new site and jettison it to the Internet community send me an email!

That’s a change of tune! I hear you cry. Yes, it is. I have decided that this bullshit about the environment should be taken a little bit more seriously, maybe even very seriously. With threats of pricing the average motorist out of the petrol buying market, and recycling becoming completely mainstream, I believe we are entering a new age. The age of conservation, which is an age where many have been dwelling for many years and being poo-pooed by skeptics like me.

Other than that…

Stay tuned for some cool interviews coming up. I have been in contact with OddCast Sitepal. You may remember I reviewed the service of Sitepal a few months ago. They were very kind to offer me a free subscription to their service. More on the Sitepal at a later date.

For now you can look forward to one of “the businesse’s” most recognizable voices as an interview on – Mike Hurley a man of a thousand voices will be joining me this Monday for an interview. There are also some rumblings that I may be starting a new podcast soon, no official information about any of it at this time, but it is something to look forward to if it happens!

Stay Tuned.


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