We Are the World – Still Alive and Kicking!

October 22, 2006

I have liked this song since I discovered the American USA for Africa, We Are the World from the early 80’s a few months ago. I was looking for all the things with Lionel Richie on YouTube and came across the classic video. The original was of course inspired by Bob Geldoff’s “Do they know It’s Christmas?”

I was searching for more people singing “We are the World” tonight when I came across something I didn’t expect. It has been sung in other languages around the world, most notably Chinese and Cantonese. I watched both the Chinese and Cantonese versions and because I know the English lyrics I knew what they were saying. They also appear to be adhering to the original video with painstaking attention to detail. They even went as far to have a person who appears to be blind as they are using a brail card singing, just like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder in the original.

I really like how with the video I have linked to here the producers have taken care to deliver the right feel for the video while moving forward with the production and incorporating a rapper into the lyrics, how cool is that!? (It should be noted that I do not like rap as a genre in music, but I understand that it has a place in music today and that is what it has been incorperated into the song)

I have a lot of Japanese music in my collection so it is interesting to hear some other Asian music and know what they are saying. Check this video out, and if you like it, hit YouTube and hear the English, and Chinese versions!


2 Responses to “We Are the World – Still Alive and Kicking!”

  1. dee Says:

    I thought this song is originally written by wang lee hom my fav musician. I was surprised to read your article that we are the world is recycling from another song that I’ve never heard before “Do they know It’s Christmas?”
    Sorry for terrible English

  2. […] I saw this video on my friend, Producer and Director, Sebastian Prooth’s blog. It’s a shot for shot video, of a note for note rendition of USA for Africa’s, “We Are The World, in Taiwanese! https://tektrekgamer.wordpress.com/2006/10/22/we-are-the-world-still-alive-and-kicking/ […]

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