Lisa Ling Lays Her Life on the Line for US!

October 16, 2006

Lisa LingFor those of you who do not know who Lisa Ling is take a look at the picture on the left. Aside from being super-model worthy in photos she is a cutting edge, reporter who has worked on the popular talk show, The View, and has recently been working with National Geographic. She is the brave soul who took the personal risk of infiltrating North Korea posing as a “Medical Administrator” knowing full well that if she was caught, she would most likely be charged with espionage and executed.

The terrifying story of this adventurous reporter’s trip into North Korea earlier this summer, before the recent tensions between the UN and NK, will hopefully be airing at the end of this year. As you will see in the video the North Korean civilians have been told by their government that they are in a state of war with the United States and have been for the last 10 years! That certainly surprised the hell out of this transplanted American in the UK.

I was most pleased that the interviewer did not attempt to demonize the North Korean families or government in any way, which of course is a standard ploy when the media cover a story concerning a country with which we are currently struggling to get along with. I will continue to monitor Lisa’s adventurous reporting and keep you apprised.

I would love to get ahold of Lisa for an interview before she is saturated with media attention.

Also of interest, for those who haven’t had a chance to read it, I did an interview with Artie Wayne on the Web the other day.


4 Responses to “Lisa Ling Lays Her Life on the Line for US!”

  1. Very cool perspective.

  2. […] Lisa Ling, a reporter for National Geographic, recently under-cover’d her way in to North Korea under the false pretenses of being a medical coordinator.  She believes she was the *only* American in the country at the time, and was followed everywhere she went (even to her hotel at night) by 6 armed men from the government.  She has been telling her story to everyone, so it’s easy to find out more.  Here’s a link to her video interview with Oprah, as well as an interesting perspective from another blog called “Seb’s Random Thoughts“.  He would totally disagree with me, I think (having read his entry), but he has a YouTube video of an interview with Ms Ling posted (including video from her trip), so I thought I’d link. […]

  3. Valerie Fretz Says:

    I love Lisa’s work as well, but the reality is, that the harshest punishment she would get if caught is a first class ticket to the next flight out of the country.
    Even North Korea does not execute journalists who are caught posing as tourists.

  4. Kyla Says:

    I disagree with you Valerie. I believe that one man can convince millions of people that they must fight against the U.S. if he can keep people isolated and terrified. Many Nazi soldiers were innocent young men who were convinced by the words of one man to conceive and perform the tortures they did. And, here’s the terror, Hitler didn’t have the power over the Germans that Kim Jong-il has. North Korea is not only one giant concentration camp, but the people have now come to believe that this is the way life should be.

    I believe that had Lisa been caught, her life would have been in peril, and instead of watching her wonderful show on National Geographic we would be watching a tragic news story.

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