Post Birthday Horrors!!

October 15, 2006

Max would never do thisWell, I said I was going to do a blog entry yesterday called “It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to” Well..I didn’t want to, so no blog was posted, so here is my post Birthday blog. If you are asking why I am calling this entry “Post Birthday Horrors” you should stop because I did it for fun, nothing horrible has happened today or on my birthday!

Yesterday, obviously, was October 14th aside from being a Saturday and the day after Friday the thirteenth it was also my twentieth Birthday. That’s right, this teenage blog ain’t no teenager ‘no more!

My Birthday went quite well, got some nice books, a new DVD-Burner, and some nice cards.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me notes and cards, they are much appreciated!

Another cool event yesterday was an interview with me with Artie Wayne on the Web, Artie is a friend of mine who is also a blogger. I really enjoyed doing the interview and you can check it out here:

Post Birthday Thoughts

Everyone has been telling me to share what I wanted for my birthday and didn’t receive, so here goee:
I would really love one of those new wide screen displays, would be great for web browsing and video editing. The one I wanted was the ViewSonic VX2025WM at 20 inches.
I am also in need of a new mobile phone as my Sony Ericson K700i is in dire need of replacement and looking rather decrepit these days. Something else that would change my computing life would have been a new battery for my IBM Thinkpad T30, mine is only lasting about an hour and a half now, with all the power savings on.

Thanks again to everyone who sent their Birthday wishes!

(The photo is not my dog. Max would never do that.. But I figured that would be a Birthday Horror..)


3 Responses to “Post Birthday Horrors!!”

  1. The Mentat Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sebastian! Hope you get all your wishes soon. If not, well, ever thought about getting yourself a sugar mommy? 😉

  2. Jack Says:

    Happy Birthday aswell. 20 huh? My, they grow up so fast, where did the time go?
    The K750i is a great phone.
    Christmas is only 2 months and 10 days away!

  3. Erel Says:

    Happy ‘post’-birthday, Sebastian 🙂
    Sorry you didn’t get your widescreen display. Doesn’t matter though as Christmas is only just away.

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