Eric Rice of Hipcast, Spin Martin of SecondLife Speaks to

October 15, 2006

Eric RiceI caught up with Eric Rice, for one of those much needed catch up convos we all have from time to time. I called him just the other day and we talked a little bit about podcasting, blogging, and just about everything else that we have in common and basically caught up. I mentioned to him that I would like to interview him for and he was most pleased to go ahead with that. So this last Wednesday Eric and I got on the phone and talked for another hour and 40 minutes. We talked about all kinds of things, a lot of things that are not actually in the interview (good thing too or it would be a massive post)

Comparing Second Life with Legos… You can build whatever you want. What would I build vs. what you would built and why? –Eric Rice

We talked a great deal about Second Life. I am going to give Second Life another try one of these days and Eric graciously volunteered to give me some personal assistance as my first trip into Second Life was pretty fruitless. welcomes ERIC RICE. Eric one of these WOW guys online who has his finger is just about every pie, and today, I get to borrow him a couple of minutes to see what happening on the edge!

Eric! Thanks for joining me here at – It is always great to have a “celebrity” on the site. Come to think of it, what do you do?

I don’t know. That is probably one of the hardest questions. I get introduced as everything. I wish I was a boring insurance guy. I have always been around multimedia probably since the early 90’s – things like audio and video have always been some of my passions. My first career was/is graphic design. As much as I don’t like to say Multimedia or new media guy. People have approached me about a book, but I don’t want to write a tech book. I want to write something that lasts a long time. I am also interested in fiction too. Crap, I should just package together all my blog entries and call it a day.

Tell me a little about yourself, I know you live in the bay area, what else can you say?

I’m a native to Silicon Valley. I actually got started working at 19, a teaching assistant at a vocational college. I first met Mark Canter in 1991 at Macromine Developers Conference. I went on to write design curriculum. I love to teach, if the pay was better I would probably want to teach all the time.

So the squeaky clean image that everyone has of you doesn’t exist?

[laughter] that’s news to me! I am a registered smart ass and proud of it.

I always hear your name when something that is new and exciting is being discussed, be it vlogging, podcasting or second life – how do you keep up?

I don’t think it’s an issue of keeping up. I am really open and able to adapt to change. I am able to get things that might seem odd at first. I see the parallels between the old and the new. You have to be able to adapt to change. This could all change tomorrow. There are people that are picky eaters – and people who eat everything.

I know that you were something to do with Hipcast (previously, can you clarify that for me?

Yes, I co-founded it almost three years ago. It was an audio blog service and now it’s a compete audio and video podcast service to create and publish audio and video podcasts. Our HQ are in Texas… I guess my official title is co-founder and chief evangelist.

Explain what Second Life is in 5 words.

Second Life is embodiment of new media democratization

With YouTube being gobbled up by Google What can we expect next for the internet? Who’s going to buy who now?

I think we are going to see some content plays. Sites with the tremendous traffic. I think you are going to see some stars rise from podcasting and video blogging and move into mass media. I think we are going to see more gaming stuff happening. I’d like to see Podcast Pickle get acquired, since they are the closest thing to MySpace for podcasting. A serious set of functionality. I also think they are one of the hidden gems in podcasting.

What are you doing right now?

Re-doing my show..the audio and the video podcast and adding new features to Hipcast, then new concept for the shows, and getting ready to unveil a new creative concept

Would you like to switch blogs sometime, you write something for mine and I write something for yours? Could be fun…

Sure…we will arrange something.

Well thank you Eric, it has been a pleasure having you on and you’re welcome back anytime!

If you would like to find out more about Eric Rice and his work, point your browsers to

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me – Email Me.


4 Responses to “Eric Rice of Hipcast, Spin Martin of SecondLife Speaks to”

  1. Do you find it kind of ironic that you interviewed Eric Rice of Hipcast and you present the interview on your blog in transcribed text format vs. an embedded audio version of the interview?

    I’m not criticizing per se, just an observation.

    You have access to and you interview someone with a great audio/video service on the Web that delivers audio to blogs effortlessly and yet we don’t have audio of the interview.

    Any chance the inteview was recorded over Skype and any off the other services?

  2. Hello Joseph,

    Thanks for your comment. I understand your point very well and will try and clarify a few things for you. If I had provided an audio interview for the interview with Eric Rice I would have broken the format of my blog which is to blog interviews in written format. The interview never had any intentions of being listened to and was specifically designed to be read.

    With the other interviews I have done and have scheduled for the future the format remains. The audio delivery you are suggesting would a good feature but they would require production, editing and overall a lot of work and time. These interviews are intense enough as I am sure you understand.

    The interview was recorded at the time and the recording still exists but I am not making it available for download at this time.

    Thanks for your interest. -Sebastian.

  3. Rich Baxter Says:

    Nice interview, I can say since I am a podcaster using the hipcast site, that it is time comsuming! The podcast usually takes around 45 minutes and then the editing around double that before you add music, sound bites etc. and then upload and post it to the blog or website where we keep our ‘Netcast’ as they are called now! Some people would not believe the dedication of these netcasters! Posting to a blog with audio is not so easy for a nice finished product.

    stop by mine at:

    Rich Baxter

  4. Hey Rich!

    Thanks for the great comment. Yeah, I know what it takes to be a podcaster. I started podcasting in December ’05 and only stopped a couple months ago, I am considering it a hiatus. I love podcasting and how it is effecting everyone who has anything to do with media.

    I have not personally used the hipcast service, but I got to see it in action just now by visiting your site and listening to the first five minutes of your show. Baseball is not my thing, but it certainly sounds like it would be interesting if I knew what I was listening to.

    My guess from you mentioning “netcast” you are a listener of TWiT, that certainly is a show that I never miss. They always have great content and don’t fail us with that.

    Again thanks for your comment and I hope you stick around to comment again.


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