Listen up Terrorists, CNN Has a Few Tips For You…

October 13, 2006

CNNIf you are looking for tips on smuggling nuclear (radiological) devices into the US via ground, you ought to check out what CNN deems fit to report about today.  Forget the internet for finding out how to build that bomb, turn on your damned television.

I jumped out of my skin when I started watching the small segment that has been placed on CNN’s main website for download to anyone with an internet connection.  They discuss in the report how easy it would be to build, finance and execute the placing of a bomb in Washington DC going as far was to super impose a nuclear blast over another video of the Capitol building.

But wait! It didn’t stop here, keep watching and they showed a blast radius on a map with the amount of government buildings and hospitals that would be affected with the if the bomb that they are proposing should be used.

What the hell is the department of Homeland Security doing if they are not preventing such obvious security breach from being broadcast on one of the worlds largest News networks?

You may choose the argue that the terrorists do not need help to build these weapons, or get such low profile tips, such as using your credit card to purchase everyday items to construct a weapon of terror. I will argue however that it does not have to be the terrorists that everyone is after right now, it is the terrorists of tomorrow, and next week we should be thinking about. We should worried about the fifteen year olds who go to school with guns and shoot their classmates and teachers. If they will do that, what’s to stop them from using Daddy’s credit card to buy that stuff to build a bomb.

Just remember one thing, it wasn’t video games that taught them to do it this time, it was CNN.

(I would have included a link so that you could see this report for yourself but it would be iresponsible, if you’re interested, I am sure you can figure it out.)


6 Responses to “Listen up Terrorists, CNN Has a Few Tips For You…”

  1. The Rooster Says:

    They have not actually reported anything that “any good terrorist” would not know. In addition to that the raw ingredients required for making such a device are actually highly reglated and very hard to get hold of. Especially anything nuclear or radioactiive. The media tends to exaggerate the ease of which these items are obtained. Not to mention the storage and protection required when working with them.

    It may not seem as sinister as it appears. Or are you suggesting security by obscurity? Pretend it is not a threat and hope the terrorists will not notice.

  2. I covered your argument, that they would already know it. The last paragraph clearly states that. I was saying that this is danagerous for the terrorists who don’t know anything. The report about which I am reporting discussed more than what I did, they discussed methods and materials that could be used to obscure this kontrband material when entering US borders.

    I think pretending it does not exist is kind of like thinking – If I don’t move, they won’t see me. Somewhat pointless and rather foolish.

    This is a difficult subject, which is the reason I blogged it.

  3. Tristan Says:

    Despite the fact that I’m biased, I do agree with you Sebastian. I wonder sometimes what the media is up to. In a recent discussion at church, we were trying to decide who or what is as or more powerful than God. The media was up on our list. They need to exercise it responsibly.



  4. engtech Says:

    Media is a corporate entity like any other whose goal is to make a profit at the end of the day.

    Sensationalist fear-inducing reporting sell stories, because the public falls for it all the time.

    Some of my favorite examples of all time was the first Iraq war when “they were in the hospitals killing babies” when that never happened, and the girl who testified to that was related to one of the up-and-up Kuwaitis, and during the OJ Simpson trial when you could clearly see that different magazine covers had “darkened” the same picture of OJ to make him look more “black” or menacing.

    Mass media is crap. They’re out to make a profit, plain and simple.

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