Water Bombs Dropped From 4th Floor

October 12, 2006


This video is a great example of why when people get together they are more stupid than when they are on their own. A group of college boys filled two trash bags each with 300 pounds of water and dropped from a 4th floor window! Yeah.. That’s really constructive. Many people have objected in the comments about the wasted water and the fact that they poured an entire bottle of detergent into the bags before sealing them for their 40ft plunge. But, I am not actually here to complain about the video.. Let’s get a load of some of these comments underneath the video on YouTube:

Commenters have gone as far as to show the math for the weight of the water and say how weak the guys are because they are having trouble lugging the massive water bombs across the room and down the hall to the door or window where they drop the bombs.

Below is a screencap of some of the comments this video is receiving. I will tell you now the ignorance and bigotry readable in some of these comments would put some of the Digg.com flamers to shame. I will let you be the judge.YouTube Comments


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