Updates – Just what is going on here?

October 3, 2006

You might be wondering what the hell is going on with the theme here on It has been changing all over the place in the last few days. I have been using one that looks like Newspaper recently and I really like it, but it seems that it has some problems that developed yesterday when my blog would barely load at all, or load everything but the sidebar. I contacted WordPress about the issue. They were aware of the problem, but as of about an hour ago it had not been fixed.

I decided I would go ahead and change the theme back to the old one, Regulus. You might notice that there is a new banner image as well, which is always a nice thing to change. It now sports some cool writing with the slogan for the blog. I like the new colourful picture, makes the blog feel more “on the edge media” instead of just hum drum, or boring.

You might also notice while checking out the banner that there is a new page added to the blog. Guestbook. I know it is really old fashioned to have a guestbook on your website, especially a blog but I like the idea and since this is my place I decided to create one. Go and check it out, and if you feel like it, leave a comment.

Veteran readers might remember SebRT getting the SOB award (Successful Outstanding Bloggers) a while back. Well Liz Strauss, the writer of SOB asked me for an interview the other day, which she conducted through email. As of today the first portion of the interview was posted on Sucessful Bloggers. Thanks Liz for the opportunity. Here is a direct link:

Other than that there has not been a great deal of news in the last few days other than I have secured a few more interviews to look forward to. Here is the current list:

Guy Kewney (The Wrong Guy from the BBC, Editor of NewsWireless)

Richard Cobbett (Features Editor of PCPlus Magazine, Blogger, Tech Geek)

Robert Scoble (Only one of the most popular bloggers online. The Microsoft blogger, not the PodTech Blogger.)

I am planning to chase up a few more people for interviews very soon. I have eyes to interview the CEO of Podcast Ready, Russell Holliman. I will be contacting them soon enough. I am also planning to resend Wil Wheaton the request for an interview. If anyone knows him and wants to put in a good word, I wouldn’t mind the charity!

If you know of someone in the media industry, if they are a podcaster, blogger, writer, publisher, producer…whatever and you think they would make a great interview (maybe it’s you) drop me an email, I want to know.

Keep your ear to the ground…lots of great things coming up soon.


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