Do you know what this Star Trek item is?

October 3, 2006

UPDATE: 4th October 2006

The following is a quote directly from today. I decided to enter yet again today, and will again tomorrow if I knwo what the item is. I will post the results here.

Apparently a lot of fans watched “Insurrection” very closely. Almost every entry identified this item correctly!

Linwood’s almost immediate correct response included a photo from the movie of Data and Troi putting up one of the inhibitors. Dave Carley from Richmand, Virginia said “Okay, this one took me about 10 seconds to realize what it was,” and provided a description of a scene complete with dialog. Sebastian Prooth from England went multimedia, describing the device’s blinking blue light and whirring noise. Danielle Snyder from Otsego, Michigan commented, “Uh oh! You’ve got one of the transport inhibitors! And according to Worf, ‘We’ve lost an inhibitor! There’s a gap in the field!’ This could get messy!” [like that is somehow our fault… Ed.]

Resident comedian Ross R. Vincent from Arlingon, Texas said, “It is the 24th century version of the ‘roomba’, which is in every room of every ship of the line. Quark is rumored to have unloaded a shipment on a Pakled ship, so that ‘they could be clean.'” Thomas Fletcher thought it was “Geordi’s Evil visor. From the episode ‘Oops where did Data’s cat go?'”

Other sugestions included an unused design mockup of a Deep Space Outpost for the original series, photon torpedo launcher on Deep Space Nine, prototype lifeboat for the Enterprise-E and a Tholian ship.



In order to promote the Star Trek Items that Christie’s is auctioning off later this Month has been running an ongoing competition since the beginning of September. A photo of a Star Trek item everyday for the public to write in and “guess” explain what is pictured.

October 3rd 2006

Today, October 3rd’s photo above. It gets larger when you click on it. I have already emailed in with my answer to what is pictured. Hopefully I am the only one who knows, but I am pretty sure that I’m not. Send your answer in now, if you know what it is!

If you want to vote go to and check out photos for yourself. Feel free to post here what you think today’s item is. I will update this post tomorrow when it is announced on so I don’t break any rules!

I will give you a clue: I would say it is definitely from after Star Trek – Generations. This is obvious as at the top of the object is the Starfleet insignia of the 2370’s and beyond! Best of luck!


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