Richard Hammond Transferred from Leeds General Infirmary VIA Air Ambulance

September 28, 2006

This is a follow-up to the blog entry regarding Top Gear’s Richard Hammond’s high speed accident.

Richard HammondRichard has been reportedly discharged from Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) to the BUPA hospital in Clifton, Bristol, to be closer to his home in Gloucestershire.

Richard has been at LGI after suffering a high speed crash while attempting to break the UK land speed record while shooting for the acclaimed BBC programme, TopGear. The amount of fan support for Richard in the aftermath of his accident has been enormous.

It is rumored that the future of TopGear is hanging in the balance due to the accident. Fans (myself included) are obviously heavily opposed to the possible cancellation of TopGear.

Fans of TopGear and Richard have turned out in force at LGI in the interim since his accident. Although Richard has made no public statement at this time, the photo of him being wheeled by stretcher to the airlift helicopter shows him smiling. It is reported that Richard’s neurologist has given him a full recovery estimate of 6 months.

I will continue to provide updates on Richard’s condition because of the sheer number of readers for the story. It seems that this blog has become a source of information for this story.

To send your messages of support to TopGear for Richard point your browsers to


2 Responses to “Richard Hammond Transferred from Leeds General Infirmary VIA Air Ambulance”

  1. TechZ Says:

    Yep, hope he’s doing ok, you should stop by for the latest news, we update the site regularly.

    TG is on hold now because of this, and no way are we letting FifthGear be the only automotive show on air!

  2. Looks like TopGear is going ahead. I heard Clarkson was test driving a car the other day for the show. I wonder if Richard told them to continue and not wait? Maybe he has decided not to return to TG. -S

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