The right Guy, Guy Kewney, to speak to

September 28, 2006

Everyone has seen it by now, the day when the wrong guy got on BBC News 24. If you don’t know the story back in May of this year a gentleman by the name of Guy Goma was at BBC HQ for a job interview when he was mistaken by a production assistant for the technology expert Guy Kewney.  This led to the wrong “Guy” being interviewed about the state of the music industry and downloading music online, a subject on which Mr. Goma obviously has no idea about.

Goma has since been on talk shows like GMTV and Jonathan Ross for this little mishap and has gained quite a good deal of internet and media fame. All for the mistake of a production assistant who couldn’t tell the difference between a white person with a beard, and a somewhat overweight, heavily French accented, black guy.

This may seem like old news, and you might be wondering why the hell I am talking about this now. A little late for the boat, or maybe at the wrong studio- not quite.  I am actually writing this article as I have just gotten off the phone with the gentleman who *should* have been on BBC News 24 that day. Guy Kewney IS the editor of and an authority on the online happenings. He is a veteran of the IT circuit and is also an avid blogger.

I asked Mr. Kewney if I would be able to interview him for and he is quite open to the idea. You can expect to hear (read) the answers to the questions that the wrong *Guy* answered on live television.

If you have any questions you would like to ask the real Guy Kewney please send them to my email *Click Here*. Please keep the questions appropriate to a technology / internet trends and culture interview.

Stay tuned – for the right Guy – Guy Kewney.

BBC Story on “The Wrong *Guy* Incident 


2 Responses to “The right Guy, Guy Kewney, to speak to”

  1. Jack Says:

    Guy Kewney? Bah. An interview with Guy Goma, now thats worth a read!

  2. […] They asked me if I would like to do a piece for BBC News 24. I said sure. I did some research that weekend and they sent a car for me in the morning. It was pouring with rain and it was probably because everyone was rushing and panicking because we were all late. And the small error occurred. (For those who don’t know, Guy Goma appeared instead of Guy Kewney for the discussion) I started to get a little concerned while waiting in the green room, and I went to reception and asked. They thought that I had already been in and out. […]

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