Stop the Presses! This JUST In!

September 26, 2006

GGP Featured in .Net magazineI was talking to a podcasting buddy of mine yesterday when he mentioned that The Global Geek Podcast is featured in this month’s .Net magazine! I had an idea of what .Net is but not totally sure. He told me to hold on and that he was scanning the page for me to see. What a guy right?

So, I sat there with anticipation for about 10 minutes and he came back with a scan of page 20 of the October Issue of .Net Magazine here in the UK. And sure enough, on the right there is an extended iPod (see left) that lists the podcasts that they recommend you have on your iPod! GGP is No.2 as you can see.

This is of course very exciting, I only wish .Net Magazine had told us a couple of months ago or whenever they were putting the magazine together that they were going to feature our show. We would have been able to prepare for that, maybe the results are secret until they release the magazine.

Anyways. I spoke to Dave about the news and he was totally stoked, as anyone would be. Hopefully things are taking off for the Global Geek Podcast even though I decided to get off the ship a couple weeks ago. Do look out for the October issue of .Net Magazine, I am going to pick up my copy today. If anyone is looking for a signing…sorry 😛 just got carried away there.

If anyone is interested in talking to the hosts of the GGP point your browser over to

I am again no longer a co-host, but was when this magazine decision was made and of course co-founded the show. If you want to talk to me you’ll have to get in line! (just kidding, you will just have to email me!)

Just a heads up of some exciting news! Click the photo on the right for an expanded image.


2 Responses to “Stop the Presses! This JUST In!”

  1. Artie Wayne Says:

    Congratulations on your recognition by Net magazine! Although you weren’t podcasting very long, you obviously made a strong impression! Let me also take the opportunity to thank you for the inspired video you made for, “Rock and Roll Heaven”. It seems to touch everyone who sees it!

    Regards, Artie Wayne

  2. Jack Says:

    The mention is on page 20. Issue 155. Page 122 has a very nice advert for web hosting 🙂

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