Richard Hammond involved in High Speed Crash – Stable Condition

September 21, 2006

Richard HammondI was shocked and amazed when I got my copy of the Metro on the way into Leeds this morning! On the front cover is a third of one of my favourite TV shows. Richard Hammond. The headline: Star Fights For his Life after High Speed Crash! Like I said, I was shocked. Richard Hammond for those of you who don’t know is a UK celebrity , TV Presenter and Personality.

I am not Richard Hammond’s greatest fan, but I am a huge fan of TopGear, and I really like Jeremy Clarkson and all of the things he is involved with, so Richard “Hamster” Hammond is involved with those things and sort of comes with it. I am used to his presence on TopGear and something would be missing if he was unable to return, or worse, dies from the injuries he has sustained.

Richard Hammond was allegedly attempting to break the UK land speed record near York when he crashed at 5:30 PM yesterday. He was airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary, a five minute walk from Leeds train Station, where I got my Metro this morning.

The accident of course comes only 15 days after the sudden and violent death of Aussie TV presenter / wild man Steve Irwin. When I saw the headline this morning, I immediately thought of Irwin and thought “We can’t loose another huge TV personality…not this soon”

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, fellow TopGear Presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, visited Richard at LGH today. A spokesman for the Hospital has said that Richard is in “stable” condition.

Again, I was shocked this morning to read the headline, event hough I am not a huge fan of Hamster, he is still important to the very fiber of TopGear and I hope and pray he pulls out of this as he has done with many accidents and screw ups for the show in the past.

UPDATE: Richard Hammond got up and took himself to the restroom. It would seem that his condition is improving. New information will be released here as it becomes available.


3 Responses to “Richard Hammond involved in High Speed Crash – Stable Condition”

  1. Diane Says:

    I would just like to wish Richard’s family well and hope that we soon see him back on the TV. Life would not be the same without the ‘hamster’ on the screen.

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